Snow Reports

Got some fresh snow to report where you are? Send us the info and we’ll post it on here. Please include your Name, town and neighborhood, approx. elevation, amount of snow, date and time of measurement, how it was measured (or if it is a visual estimate), and any other comments you have regarding the report. Send all this info to or post it on our Facebook page and we’ll post it as soon as possible. Feel free to include pictures too if you want.

Location Snow Amount Date/Time Reported by Comment
Sundance resort 4″ Storm Total 10/26 09:00:00 Eric H. View Photo
Alta 14″ 10/25 23:15:00 Patrik S. Visual Estimate
Mt. Aire, 8000 ft ~16″ 10/25 22:15:00 Landon M. Ski Pole Measurement
North Snyderville, PC 12″ storm total 10/25 18:15:00 Raymond N.
Brighton ~18″ top, 12″ base 10/25 22:15:00 Ryan L. Visual Estimate
Thaynes Canyon, Park City, UT 6″ 10/25 10:15:00 Jon View Photo
Jeremy Ranch, UT 9″ Storm total 10/25 20:00:00 Craig P. View Photo
Eden, UT 7″ 10/25 9:00:00 Joel Z. View Photo
Powder Mountain 18-20″ 10/23 20:00:00 Matt B. Hiked and skied
Monte Cristo SnoTel 15″ 10/23 09:00:00 NWS automated data Still snowing…
Snowbird Trace-1″ 10/22 08:30:00 WSF Webcam estimate at 11K ft.

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