Light Snow

Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 7:49 am


The first of three systems is affecting the region today.  This storm is relatively weak, so only expecting light snow today into this evening.  Second storm, also fairly weak, for Saturday.  Then, perhaps a stronger storm for Monday.


Really not much change in the forecast over the past 72 hours.  Three storms upcoming.  Weak, Weak, Stronger.  The first storm is pushing through right now bringing widespread light snow to the state.  I’m sticking with the same forecast of 3-6″ with perhaps 5-10″ in the highest elevations on west-facing slopes.

A break Friday before the next storm arrives Saturday.  This one is sliding south and will bring the heaviest impacts to southern Utah where the mountains there could see 5-10″ of snowfall.  For northern Utah, it looks like another 3-6″.

Another break Sunday before the strongest in the series arrives for Monday.  This storm is showing some signs of splitting so that is my one concern.  But it could bring more significant totals to the region on Monday and Tuesday.  Perhaps 1-2 feet if the storm holds together.

A look at the ensemble plumes courtesy of Univ of Utah tells the story of the three storms very nicely:

Forecast for Upper Cottonwood Canyons

Certainly not anything like the storm cycle earlier this month, but it will freshen things up and provide for some good skiing.

Long Range:

Still looking like dominant ridging sets up starting around 1/25 and continues through the end of the month of January.   There are a few signs that the pattern will shift during the first week of February, but how that shift will manifest itself remains to be seen.


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