More Chill on the Way

Sunday, September 17, 2017 at 9:00 am

Temperatures plummeted to close out this past week, as expected, with dustings of snow in the Wasatch with a few solid inches way up high, especially in the Uintas.  We’ve seen some moderation in the temperatures and should be closer to average over the next couple days.  However, additional troughs will be dropping in out of the northwest over the next week.  Our first trough is weaker and not too deep.  We’ll see a cool down by 10 degrees or so on Tuesday with some chances for showers in far northern Utah.

The next, deeper trough is looking like it will affect the region on Thursday and Friday.  This one will have even colder air than anything we’ve seen thus far.  High temps on the Wasatch front will drop to the low 50s by Friday with 30s in the mountains.  Snow is likely above 7000 feet, perhaps even lower.  I doubt we’ll see anything significant, but a few inches cannot be ruled out. After a record hot summer and start to September, seeing cold temps this abruptly is a bit of a shock to the system.

What does this early active pattern mean for our winter?  Probably nothing.  It’s hard to say weather in September will mean anything during the heart of winter.  However, I am encouraged with how active the northern branch of the jet is already.  In some recent seasons it’s taken quite awhile for the motor to get running.  I still think we’ll see high pressure return late this month and likely in October with an “Indian Summer”.  Full update tomorrow!


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