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Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 11:30 am

What’s this!?! A new post?!

Sorry for the silence folks, I’ve been enjoying my summer so far with plenty of mountain biking, golfing, and hanging down in the cool air of my basement.  Really not much going on in the summer worth talking about, so rather than bore you, I’ve just decided to stay silent.

We are long past the summer solstice (June 21) and are now beyond the statistically hottest part of the year.  Which means we are well on our way back toward winter and deep powder days.  Less than 100 days until the first lifts start spinning!  Woot!

This summer so far has been hot and dry for the most part.  In fact, July was the hottest month in SLC’s history with an average July temperature of 85.3F and a average daily high temp of 97.6F.  These are up from the normals of 78.7F and 92.6F respectively.  Yikes!  However, with the turn to August, we’ve seen an increase in monsoonal moisture and a slight cool down in both max and min temps.  While hot temperatures are still likely, we shouldn’t see the extended heat wave we saw in July.

As for early signs on this winter…. None to be had.  ENSO is neutral and not too many strong indicators on how the winter patterns will setup.  Any “winter forecasts” you hear right now are probably worthless.  For now, hope for the best and let the earth’s inexorable orbit and spin angle take us gradually back into winter.


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5 thoughts on “Dusting off the keyboard

  1. André Domingues

    Every year around this time the “Farmers Almanac” puts out some info on the winter to come… How much faith can we put into that ?

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