Late Spring Dump

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 7:28 am

A cold May storm is moving in Tuesday night into Wednesday.  We will see mountain snowfall develop — scattered today and steady tonight into tomorrow.  Models have decreased expected amounts.  Not showing the >12″ they were showing yesterday.  Still, we could see 6-12″ with perhaps a foot or more in a few select areas.  A solid dump for this time of year.

Snow levels will be dropping down to bench levels on Wednesday and perhaps down to valley floors in heavier showers.  Accumulations are unlikely below 5,500 feet.


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2 thoughts on “Late Spring Dump

  1. KanyonKris

    The snow skied way better than expected this morning. 3 laps off Powder Ridge, Alta were good fun. Even the home run was pretty good skiing all the way down.

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