Range of Possibilities

Friday, May 12, 2017 at 10:19 am

Looking like an almost certainty that next week will be cool and showery.  The only question now is just how cool and showery it will be.  This time of year, we don’t have climatology on our side and therefore I tend to have less confidence in storms delivering what models project.  However, it’s important to note that a colder trough will settle into the region next week and valley rain and mountain snow is looking likely.

Ensembles showing an array of possibilities:

Univ of Utah

Anywhere from 1-3″ of liquid through late next week for the Upper Cottonwoods.  And yes, it should be cold enough for snow above 8,000 feet.  That means we have the possibility of powder skiing next week.  Unfortunately, Snowbird will be closed during the week so anything that falls prior to Friday will need to be shredded the old fashioned way.


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  • Tom Bennett

    Will be out of town for this one, have at it boys and girls. Taking the sticks in for summer storage tuning.

    Here’s to a GREAT season, one of the best in my 10 years here. 3 of the days make my top 10, easily. here’s to winter 2017!

    Evan, thanks as usual for all you do.