April Dump Train

Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 6:53 am

Another morning, another 10″ of fresh snow at the ‘bird….

Forecast was for 6-12″ by midday today, so we’re all good there. Alta-Collins sensor picking up 1.07″ of liquid since yesterday afternoon.  Putting them close to 4″ for the week so far!  The temperature has fallen down to near 20F on the upper mountain, but it was rather warm yesterday afternoon.  I expect that the new snow is dense and creamy on bottom with fluff on top.  A good “right side up” storm.

Snow showers will continue at times today, then picking up in intensity tonight into Friday as we get more moisture feeding into a cool, unstable NW flow.  Orographics will come into play and if things go just right for us, LCC should pick up another 6-12″ between now and end of day on Friday.  That will put weekly totals at 40-45″…  Not bad for the last week of April, eh?

It looks like we gradually clear out this weekend with warming temps.  We will have a chance for a weak system early next week, but in general, high pressure is taking control for quieter and warmer weather.  There will be chances for weakish systems to drop down the backside of the ridge and bring us periods of showers from time to time.


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