Here We Go Again

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 7:46 am

Yesterday was fantastic.  The forecast was for 6-12″ by midday Tuesday but the northwest flow delivered to LCC as it so often does and they ended up with 20-24″ of pure bliss.  Alta-Collins received close to 2.5″ of liquid!  Of course, the Tram is the only way up the mountain from the base so the line was quite long with eager skiers/boarders trying to get up for first tracks.  But once you got up, it was quite good, to say the least.

More of that on the way, snow will develop this morning as the next system pushes into the region.  Snow levels will rise up perhaps as high as 7000 feet later today before falling tonight down to 5000 feet.  Snow should accumulate this afternoon into tonight.  LCC could see another 6-12″ of snowfall by tomorrow.  Then, a follow up wave for Thursday night into Friday could bring another 6-12″ of snowfall to LCC.  These accumulations are very dependent on a orographics in a northwest flow, and perhaps a bit of lake enhancement.  If you’ve been reading these forecasts for a long time, then you know these factors are wildcards.  Therefore, my confidence is on the low side.

Screaming message is, snow is likely, and Thursday and Friday could both be good powder days.  Snow showers could linger into Saturday, but for the most part we should have cold but drier weekend.  Then next week (late Monday/Tuesday), we could have another system impact the area.  Some models have another good shot of snow while other models take the best precip north of the area.

If you’re dying for some warmth, that looks like it will be coming for later next week as high pressure finally takes control.



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4 thoughts on “Here We Go Again

  1. John

    Only Tram and Little Cloud Open at the Bird all week, hopeless. 1hr plus waits to get up to crowded minimal terrain. They have no excuse and are deliberately cutting services to save $$$. Boycott them until they get their act together. If you want to pay $100+ and stand in lines for a 2min ride go to Disneyworld.

    1. John Acquavella

      It’s been that way for over a decade now. Long before the new owners. In mid April it has always been just Tram, Little Cloud and Mineral Basin Express. Season Pass holders love it.

    2. Dafty Punk

      Tram, Peruvian, Little Cloud and Mineral ran today and it was sweet. Stop complaining and go ski.

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