Deep Spring Day

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 7:36 am

Snow showers, heavy at times, continued overnight.  It is raining hard right now on the SLC valley east bench, actually mixing with snow.  That means that fairly low density snow is falling up at Snowbird.  There were heavy bouts of precip over the past 24 hours that have dropped an impressive 1.69″ of liquid so far at Alta-Collins.  This is likely condensed to about a foot of snow.

Anyway you slice it, today should have some goooood skiing, especially for the last week of April.  Snow showers cease later today, with a break in the action this afternoon through early Wednesday.  Later on Wednesday the next system pushes in and we should see snow showers at times in Thursday with another 4-8″ (maybe more…)   Snow showers will continue into Saturday with some minimal accumulation as additional weak waves push through.

Generally we will start to clear out this weekend into next week with a ridge over the west coast.  However energy could still drop into the area at times with chances for showers.  Slowly transitioning seasons…


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