Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning

Friday, April 21, 2017 at 7:02 am

Saturday Update:

A break for today, then on Sunday we will see things start to change with increasing clouds.  A weak front will push through in the afternoon evening hours and we could see a few showers Sunday evening.  I said previous that it would be difficult to time the waves of energy over the upcoming week.  We are starting to get a tiny bit more clarity.  It looks like we will have a stronger wave Monday night into Tuesday.  This could bring 6-12″ of snow to the high elevations.  Then, another wave Tuesday night into Wednesday.  Then we could see high elevation snow showers continue through Saturday as active pattern continues.  Next week is definitely going to be cool and showery — likely with at least a couple of half decent spring powder days.  WSF


Yesterday’s storm came through as expected during the afternoon and evening.  However, a persistent northwest flow was more productive overnight than we were expecting and accumulating snow continued for much of the night.  Snowbird and Brighton reporting 9 and 10″ respectively.  This is significantly more than the 3-6″ forecasted.  Snow should be of medium -high density.

We will clear out today and should remain so for most of the weekend.  Things start to change later on Sunday as a weak system approaches.  A chance for a few showers into Monday.  A bit stronger wave is possible on Tuesday with additional showers.  Then, the strongest wave of energy looks to move in on Wednesday. This one could have more significant snow accumulations for the mountains.

You can see right now that the timing of each model and ensemble is not in perfect sync, but the general pattern next week of active weather is a certainty:

Univ of Utah

We’ve had two decent powder days this week and it’s looking increasingly likely we will have a few next week as well.  Of course, next week we will be down to just Snowbird as Brighton shuts down its lifts this weekend.  Unless we can convince them to go another week….


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One thought on “Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning

  1. Cassander

    Brighton was superb today. Not only the best day so far in April (of anywhere I’ve skied) but one of the best days all season. 10″ new (at least–on top of soft flat surfaces), virtually no windblown, not too dense, bluebird skies developing, temps just below freezing, no wind, no crowds and fresh tracks for the taking EVERYWHERE. Did I forget anything?

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