Winter Just Won’t Let Go

Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 8:22 am

It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise if you’re familiar with Utah weather in the Spring, but the storms are just going to keep on coming through the rest of April.

First, we have a storm system pushing in later today with a cold front moving through Northern Utah during the afternoon and evening hours.  Expect periods of snow above 7,500 feet or so through tonight.  We could see 3-6″ of new snow at Snowbird and Brighton.  So powder skiing is once again possible tomorrow.  Probably not super deep, but enough to have a good time!

We will then have a mostly dry weekend with seasonably warm temps.  A trough then settles into the area on Monday with periods of showers for much of next week.  Right now it is looking like the snowiest period could be Tuesday night and Wednesday.  However, there are several different waves and timing these at this point is difficult.  But cooler, showery weather looks to be a given next week.

In general, it looks like the remainder of April will be active.  If you’re sick of the storms, there may be some hope for you as there are some indications that more stable ridging will develop around the turn of the month.


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2 thoughts on “Winter Just Won’t Let Go

  1. Erik

    As far as snow water equivalent and percent of normal snow pack, how has this season kept up with the big winter of a few years ago?

    1. hongziyang

      Snowbirds snowtel shows a bit behind 2011, but comfortable above median. We were about dead even early march, but keep in mind 2011 March, April and even May it just kept coming. And sounds like that may improve even.

      March was much less friendly to Brighton’s snowtel site:

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