Wednesday Update

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 8:49 am

Hasn’t been much to post about over the last couple days, so I decided to take a rest.  The weekend storm really did its thing in LCC where it delivered even more than I was hoping for.  Almost 30″ for Alta!  Light and fluffy up on top.  As good as it gets for April!

High pressure is mostly in control currently and today and Thursday should be warm.  A system will be pushing into the Sierra to our west.  This system will weaken and be shunted northward as it moves inland.  We should see clouds in Utah with a chance for a few showers in the far north on Thursday night, but accumulations look unlikely.

Then, this weekend should be warm and mostly sunny.  Most resorts that are still open will be closing after this weekend.  So the last day of the season parties will be rocking, and “frankly” the weather looks amazing on Sunday with warm spring conditions.  Perfect for celebration of a great season!

There is, however, something interesting now showing up in the models for next week.  We could see a somewhat stronger and colder storm on Tuesday of next week.  GFS has been deeper and stronger with the system.  Euro has it as mostly a weak event.  Something to watch as the general trend has been toward a stronger storm.  Of course, the only place open, aside from backcountry, is Snowbird next week.  Could be a powder day or two on tap… We’ll continue to monitor.


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6 thoughts on “Wednesday Update

  1. Dan<Man

    Un-official word amongst Brighton employees and ski patrol is that Brighton has extended it closing date. Actually, employees are saying that it is official and is for sure, they just have not announced it yet.

  2. John Acquavella

    Thanks for the hard work all season. Flew out from NYC on Thursday and had a great Powder day on Sunday. Keep up the excellent forecasting.

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