Appetizer today, Feast tomorrow

Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 6:28 am


The first of two fronts crosses the region this morning, followed by a colder front this evening and overnight.  Snow will fall at times in the high elevations through Sunday morning with snow levels and temperatures falling.  Sunday should be a good powder day.  Mostly dry and warmer during the upcoming week.


First wave of precip is pushing through this morning with the heaviest rain and high elevation snow north of SLC.  It is raining in the valleys and there is some snow up high.  I’m trying to pinpoint snow levels thus far.  It seems as if they’ve fallen below 7,000 feet up north. For example, the base of Snowbasin at 6am is 33F, so it should be snowing there.  Up higher on the mountain, it is definitely snowing with several inches thus far.  Today should be a great day up there!

Our first wave of precip will wind down and slowly push south through the morning.  We will likely see a break in the action for much of midday into the afternoon, especially around SLC/Cottonwoods/PC.  Then, a second, colder wave of snowfall pushes in this evening and overnight.  NW flow should keep snow going into tomorrow morning, especially in the Cottonwoods.  You can see both waves distinctly in this HRRR simulated radar for the rest of today:

As long as it’s not too windy, today could be good, especially up north where they’ve already seen some snow and the next wave will arrive a bit earlier in the day.  For central Wasatch, we could get a few wet inches this morning, but I’d save you legs for tomorrow morning when we’ll likely have deeper, fluffier dragons to slay.

Total accumulations by midday Sunday still look to be 8-16″ for most mountain locations with up to 2 feet possible IF the orographic machine really turns on for the Cottonwoods.  That’s a big “IF”,  but we all know when that happens, magic can occur.

We clear out and gradually warm up as we head through the work week.  Next system is currently timing for Friday into Saturday.   This could be a good storm for areas to our west, however models still trying to shunt most of the energy north of us.  At this point, I don’t think we’ll see anything major but we could get a refresher for next weekend.

Long Range:

Generally, it looks to be fairly active through April with us alternating between spring systems and ridges of high pressure.  Typical spring roller coaster ride.


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3 thoughts on “Appetizer today, Feast tomorrow

  1. Dave Gree

    What are the odds that little cotton wood road will close in am? Or pm?
    Want to ski bird but have 5 pm flight.

    1. Erock

      IF they get what’s forecasted of over a foot tonight…Likely closed till 8am or later at least and could be slow getting down in afternoon. Plus, everyone in Utah and half the country will be trying to get one of the last solid pow days of the year in LCC.

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