Potential Last Powder Weekend

Friday, April 7, 2017 at 6:28 am


Winds will be strong today out of the southwest ahead of our incoming system — temperatures will be warm at all elevations.  Snow begins tonight for the high elevations of far Northern Utah, spreading south through the day Saturday, with snow continuing into Saturday night.  Sunday will be the best powder day with snow showers continuing.  Warm up for next week.


Lots to talk about today so let’s dive right in. First, we have wind for today.  Lots of winds! With warm temperatures.  That wind will gradually transition to showers for far northern Utah tonight as a front slowly sags south.  This front kinda stalls a bit and weakens heading into tomorrow.  But will be reinvigorated by a second front during the day on Saturday that will push heavier snow south into the Central Wasatch.  Best conditions tomorrow (Saturday) will likely be in the far north where Beaver Mountain and Powder Mountain are both kicking off their closing weekends (sad face).

For the Central Wasatch, there will be high elevation snow showers tonight into early Saturday but they will be wet, dense snow above 8k feet.  Don’t think we’ll have too much new snow on Saturday morning but we should see totals increase throughout the day.  I would definitely choose Sunday if you only have one day to ski this weekend.  The heart of the storm arrives later in the day Saturday with the heaviest snow into Saturday evening and overnight as the flow turns northwesterly.  We will also see much colder air filtering in so densities will drop significantly.  We should even see snow Saturday night in the valleys with accumulation possible on grassy surfaces.

As for totals, we have been able to get much more consensus from the models and their ensembles today:

Univ of Utah

GEFS members now showing 1.5-3.0″ of liquid for the Upper Cottonwoods.  This is almost certainly overdone as has been the case more often than not this season.  But, adjusting for that, we should still see 1-2″ of liquid.  Which could easily mean 1-2 FEET of snow for the Cottonwoods by midday Sunday.  Elsewhere, I’d expect 8-16″ of snow above 8,000 feet with 5-10″ above 7k feet.  This storm isn’t going to make it too far into southern Utah, as you can see here:

The areas in pink however, are the places likely to see a foot or more.  Beaver could have quite the closing weekend for you Logan area locals!

In closing, if this were a midwinter storm, I’d say it was a solid one, but not major.  However, considering it is entering the second week of April, I’d say a storm like this is pretty damn good.  Get out and enjoy it because our powder days henceforth will certainly be limited.

Long Range:

We warm up for next week as most of the energy should ride to our north.  Looks like we should be about seasonal averages, perhaps above by the end of the week.  Then, as we head toward next weekend, another system will be pushing into California and the west coast.  This system could bring us snowfall next weekend, however latest model trends show it weakening and being shunted north by a continental ridge.  That could limit what Utah sees from this storm.  We will keep an eye on it — if it manages to maintain strength, we’ll have a chance for closing weekend pow for many of the remaining resorts.


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2 thoughts on “Potential Last Powder Weekend

  1. dgggg

    coming out from chicago for the weekend.
    do u think powder mountain would be worth the drive from park city on saturday or is their elevation too low for decent snow?
    would like to ski snowbird on sunday but would hate to miss my 5pm flight if the road closes.
    whaddya think?
    thanks for the great yr.

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast

      Good question. I’m hoping the colder air will filter in sooner up north and snow levels won’t be an issue for PowMow. But reality is that lower mountain (i.e. Paradise) could be wet snow or rain early in the day. The real question for me is wind. Powder Mountain can be susceptible to wind. But… with that said, I think it’s a good option and I’d take a close look at what’s happening overnight and into tomorrow up there. Then be able to make a decision tomorrow morning. That’s essentially my plan…

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