An end in sight…?

Monday, March 13, 2017 at 8:52 am


High pressure is in control with warm, spring temperatures.  Storms systems will try to break down the ridge later this week with very little luck.  Next week we could see a better chance for the ridge to finally break down and be replaced by a trough.


Not too much to talk about in the short term still.  Warmer than average temperatures continue and it will feel more like April than March for the rest of this week.  A storm system will pass to our north and could bring clouds, breezes and perhaps a stray shower or two in the far north on Thursday.  Otherwise, we remain high and dry through the upcoming weekend. This is the current pattern:

High pressure over the west, cold trough and storms in the east.  A strong spring storm will bring over a foot of snow to areas of the northeast tonight into tomorrow!

Long Range:

We are still awaiting a pattern change.  The good news today is that we are finally starting to see some solid model agreement within 10 days of this pattern change.  Starting early next week, our ridge will weaken and allow a trough to nose in from the west.  Timing is still off in each model solution, but by the middle of next week we should have a chance for colder weather and mountain snowfall in Utah.  Here is a look at the same map for next Thursday:

We are still quite a ways out of this, but I think we may close out March with a stormier pattern.  I’ve gone out and enjoyed some first mountain bike rides of the season this past weekend.  But I know that good storms are still to come.  Don’t put away your powder skies just yet…



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One thought on “An end in sight…?

  1. David Sucher

    Never been to Powder Mountain and hoping to get there before end of season — with powder! So following your blog to see if logistics timely.

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