Full Frontal

Monday, March 6, 2017 at 6:34 am


Cold front pushed through last night and brought a round of heavy snowfall to most of the state.  Snow showers continue today into tonight.  Break in the action midweek.  Possibility for some storminess up north later this week.


The cold front pushed through yesterday afternoon and evening as expected.  It moved rather quickly through the region but brought very heavy snowfall with it for a period.  Alta-Collins picked up nearly 0.70″ of liquid in just 3 hours.  Snowfall totals reported around the state are in the 5-13″ range.  13″ for both LCC resorts, 12″ for Eagle Point and Brian Head, 11″ for BCC resorts and PC, 10″ for all major resorts up north (Snowbasin, PowMow, Beaver).  That puts us already into the low end of forecasted amounts. Snow showers off and on today into tonight will push us up hopefully into the high end of the forecasted range.  Today should be a good powder day.

The one drawback for today could be the frigid temperatures and breezy conditions.  Ridges are still seeing winds 20-30mph with gusts to 40-50.  Right now the Top of Collins sensor at Alta is showing a current temp of 1F with a wind chill of -23F.  Bundle up if you’re skiing today!

Snow showers could continue, especially up north, thru tonight and into Tuesday.  Eventually, we should clear out and warm-up for midweek.  We’ve been watching how the models handle storms for later this week.  As I’ve mentioned, the EC has been keeping the best energy north of the area, whereas the GFS has been more optimistic and brings energy into Utah.  This is still the case, but the GFS has been slowly trending toward the Euro.  I think we’ll have a chance for snow heading into the weekend in far northern Utah, but it doesn’t look to be anything major.

Long Range:

Generally, the storm track will continue to stay just to our north.  The Pacific NW should do fairly well.  Our next best hope for something more significant might not come until around or just after mid-month.  Overall, more signs pointing to a mild and drier March than a cold and stormy one.

FYI: LCC Canyon closure until at least 8am.


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2 thoughts on “Full Frontal

  1. heyatoya

    Are temps predicted to increase considerably 10th – 15th? I will coming back to Utah then 10th – 17th. Nothing worse than sun baked crud and cold icy groomers.

  2. GriffMA

    I’ll be headed there around the same time… Seems like the GFS at least is all over the place with precipitation… it was wet, then dry, then wet again, then last night it was dry.. the 12z seems to dip the track south to be wet again.. who knows!!

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