Can’t Stop Smiling

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 6:48 am


Yesterday’s storm brought significant snowfall to much of Northern Utah’s mountains.  Another weaker wave will move through today and bring some additional light accumulations.  A break in the action late this week into the weekend.  Next chance for snow may be early next week.


The past week has been absolutely unbelievable.  Every single day has been all-time if you know where to go.  Yesterday was no different.  I opted for Solitude and was rewarded with over the head blower powder and impressive snowfall rates.  As expected, free refills!  Snowfall totals now for the past week have surpassed 6 feet of snow since last Tuesday evening in LCC.  With 4-6 feet for most other Northern Utah resorts.

Impressive numbers, made even better by the fact that the snowfall has been very evenly spaced and low density — with cold temperatures between storms.  That means every day has been awesome.   Today should be no different with leftovers aplenty from yesterday.  We’ll also see one last wave move through during the day today.  Snow will start this morning up north and by midday in the central Wasatch.  Generally, I think we can expect 2-4″ of additional snow with perhaps 6 inches or more for favored areas like the Cottonwoods.  Snow showers will linger at times into tonight and perhaps Wednesday morning.

High pressure takes control for the rest of the week in to this weekend.  We will see warming temps, so get after the good snow now while you can.

Long Range:

Next chance for a storm looks to be Sunday night into Monday of next week.  The Euro is farther south than yesterday with the storm track, but still only offers us a brush-by system.  The GFS on the other hand is much stronger and deeper with the storm.  It still would only be a modest storm for us, but definitely better than the Euro.  I’d expect models to settle on a solution by this time tomorrow.  In general, it looks like after this system, the storm track will remain focused on the Pacific NW thru about March 10.  After which, we may see a trough develop over the west that could allow storms back into the area.


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3 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Smiling

  1. Ivan Kealii Ho

    I was at solitude on Saturday, and there was a turn or two of fresh stuff on the far saide of Honeycomb, but no ‘over the head blower powder’; did it snow that much on sunday?

    1. chris brown

      Friday was the really good day. Though I was out on Saturday at PCMR and it wasn’t too bad. Yesterday was epic.

  2. kafirman

    “After which, we may see a trough develop over the west that could allow storms back into the area.”

    So the trough would deflect and channel weather to the Wasatch?

    You have a lot of knowledge about
    1. Direction of weather and the associated favored resorts
    2. troughs: trends, where an ideal placement would be, how troughs form…
    3. effect of temperature, altitude and other factors on snow quality

    I think essays on these factors would be useful.

    Thank you for what you do!

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