Setting the Stage for the NW flow

Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 6:24 am


Plenty of fresh snow this morning.  A cold, unstable northwest flow will bring snow to favored areas thru today into tonight with additional accumulations likely.  Active weather continues this weekend into early next week with more chances for snow.


The heart of our trough is slowly moving through the region.  We saw a southwest flow yesterday evening that transitioned to northwest overnight.  Snow continued at times in the mountains of Utah with an additional 6-14″ for most locations.  That brings 2-day totals to 13-29″ for most major Northern Utah resorts:

23-Feb 24-Feb Totals
Brighton 14 15 29
Solitude 15 14 29
Alta 13 14 27
Snowbird 13 13 26
Park City 16 9 25
Deer Valley 15 8 23
Cherry Peak 4 15 19
Sundance 8 10 18
Powder Mtn 10 6 16
Beaver Mtn 7 7 14
Snowbasin 7 6 13
Nordic Valley 4 4 8
Brian Head 0 7 7
Eagle Point 0 3 3

Impressive numbers that will continue to grow.  The pattern for the next 24 hours will be that of a cold, unstable northwest flow.  This is a classic Utah recipe that we haven’t seen much of this season.  If you’ve been reading this site for awhile, then you should know who is favored by the NW flow.  The Cottonwoods, specifically LCC.  I think we could see good accumulations for LCC and parts of BCC with another 8-16″ over the next 24 hours.  That means today will be epic!  Tomorrow will be very good as well.

Snow showers will taper off on Friday.  A weak system will push into the region on Saturday and could offer more chances for light snow showers.  Then, a stronger system moves in for Monday into Tuesday of next week.  I don’t think this will bring major snowfall.  But we should see a chance for additional decent accumulations.  Enough snow to make some more powder turns!

Long Range:

Models have come into very good agreement that a ridge will take control as we head into March.  Looks like warming and drying trend later next week.  At this point I don’t see any storms in the long range.  Will continue to monitor to see how long this ridge lasts.


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4 thoughts on “Setting the Stage for the NW flow

      1. DeezNuts

        It’s such a bummer. Every time I visit PC it seems to happen. I just can’t get the timing right! Oh well nothing we can do, right?

        1. rtkane

          Yeah, I haven’t had great luck in the past few years (well, except this year I guess neither has PC in general). Since I’m from the east coast, I always have to keep reminding myself that the worst days skiing in PC is still better than my best days skiing in the Poconos! Hopefully the ridge will break down for you and you’ll get at least some fresh powder!

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