Post-Presidential Treat

Monday, February 20, 2017 at 7:46 am


An atmospheric river is going to take aim at California over the next 36 hours.  Utah will be windy ahead of this system.  Cold trough will push through Tuesday night thru Thursday with colder temps and snow likely.  In general, a colder, more winter-like pattern will develop through the rest of February.


A few generally weak waves of energy have pushed through Utah over the past few days dropping dense snow.  As I mentioned the other day.  These things weren’t all that impressive on their own, but a series like this can add up.  Total accumulations for most resorts over three days was 10-20″. Not half bad…

Currently, another atmospheric river is battering California today into tonight.  This is the 9th legitimate AR event of the season for them.  In a typical winter they might get 2-3.  Amazing!  You can see the AR pushing into the coast overnight:

In radar form, it looks like this:

Look and that long tail of rain extending all the way out into the ocean.  that will continue to bring heavy rain and high mountain snowfall to Cali with continued likelihood of extensive flooding.  Drought is officially busted!

For us in Utah, that means clouds and wind the next 36 hours with chances for some light high elevation snow.  Accumulations thru Tuesday should remain light.  Things change on Tuesday night as the parent trough settles into the region out of the northwest.  This will bring colder air and snow levels will drop down to valley floors by Wednesday.  A much more typical Utah storm than what we’ve seen lately.  Snow will continue off and on thru Thursday.  Total accumulations Tuesday night thru Thursday will likely be 1-2 feet in the high elevations.  Both days should offer some great powder skiing.  A nice post-President’s Day treat!

Eat it up!

Long Range:

Overall, it looks like the pattern will be a much cooler one with the ridge off the west coast.  Cold air will drop down out of western Canada.  A system is likely to drop into California this weekend before ejecting southeast toward Arizona.  Southern Utah will be favored for this storm, but Northern Utah could see some snow this weekend as well.  Additional storms look likely next week.  Generally of a modest, but cold variety.



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5 thoughts on “Post-Presidential Treat

  1. Kevin

    Hey Evan, I’m thinking of flying to SLC Tuesday night to ski Wednesday through Friday. Are you thinking the Wasatch will be great skiing with this storm coming in, or more of a dust on crust situation?

    1. Tom Bennett

      Kevin: My .02, Strike while the iron is hot. Judging from Evan’s forecast and triangulating with a few others, Wednesday and Thursday should be good powder skiing. Not epic, but good solid “standup-double” days.

      1. Kevin

        Thanks, guys. Tom, I’m really digging the baseball analogy, but it took me a minute. It looks like it’s quite warm on Tuesday (mid 40’s even high up?), so I’m thinking the skiing surface is going to get pretty crusted up when the temps drop. Maybe all that new snow will cover it up first?

  2. Eric Blair

    Howdy! Any idea what these storms will mean for the lower-elevation XC areas like Round Valley, Jeremy Ranch, Millcreek, and Mountain Dell? Mountain Dell was pretty much bare as of last Sunday.

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