Quiet… For Now

Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 7:31 am


One storm has exited the area and high pressure will take control for the next 5 days or so.  A more active pattern develops in the Western states later this week through the President’s Day weekend.


Not too much to talk about.  The storm yesterday is no moving out of the area after dropping 9-18″ of snow in northern Utah with lesser amounts in southern Utah.  The low pressure system associated with this storm is now spinning in the desert southwest, which will keep a threat for showers in far southern Utah today.

High pressure takes control for most of this week.  It will feel fairly spring like with warm days and cool nights.  Skiing should be fairly good.

Things start to change late Thursday as the ridge breaks down and a strong jet punches into the west coast.  Utah mountains will have a chance for some snow by Friday.  This initial wave will be losing quite a bit of energy as it pushes inland.  At this point, not expecting too much.  However, subsequent waves of energy later in the weekend and into the following week could be much stronger.  Here is this morning’s GFS showing accumulated precipitation now through Feb 21st:

You can see the initial weak wave followed by stronger energy thereafter.  These storms are coming off the pacific in a zonal flow and could be pulling up some moisture from the south.  While the storms don’t look as warm as the storms from this past week, they don’t exactly look cold either.  We will continue to fine tune the details as we get closer.

Long Range:

Not too much consensus beyond Feb 21st.  Some models show the active weather continuing while others show some weak ridging.  Hoping for the former!


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  1. rcasenhiser

    While I’m happy see some weather headed in later in the week, was that showing another 20+ inches for the sierras? What a season for CA…

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