Everything’s Right(side up) in the World Again

Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 6:12 am


FYI… LCC is closed until 8am.  Traffic could be backed up quite a bit.  BCC resorts reporting 16″ each today, could be a good day to try BCC instead of LCC.


Snow storm will wind down this morning after delivering some impressive liquid amounts.  A break in the action for most of this week.  Chance for storms returns late this week into President’s Day weekend.


The storm is doing quite well for itself, especially in the Central Wasatch.  13-16″ being reported in both the Upper Cottonwoods and Park City ridgeline.  Models had come down in their totals yesterday, and due to the underperforming storm earlier this week, I decided to downgrade expected totals.  But, we’re back into the pattern of overdelivering storms!  Here is a look at yesterday morning’s 06z NAM forecast for the Upper Cottonwoods.  I added red lines to indicated what we’ve actually seen:

Univ of Utah

More than 2 inches of liquid since noon yesterday at Alta-Collins station (impressive!) and 13-16″ of snowfall and it’s still coming down.  It was extremely dense at first, even rain in many locations below 8,500 feet, then it changed to snow later in the afternoon yesterday.  Snow levels have fallen ever since and I now have coating of white at my place around 5,000 feet.



A break in the action starts later today with clear conditions from Sunday thru Thursday of this week.

Long Range:

Things start to change late next week as a trough noses in off the Pacific.  First storm should affect us on Friday. Still not sure this storm will hold together enough to bring us much other than a few snow showers.  It’s tough work to break down a ridge.  The subsequent storms, however, could be a bit stronger.  Not much model agreement quite yet on any of the details, but it does look to get more active again.


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    1. Nick Highland-Brown

      Couldn’t agree more. Solitude is particularly overrated. Canyons/PC is probably the best bet no matter what.

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