Warm, Wet, and Windy

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 at 6:37 am


Heavy, wet mountain snowfall today with rain in the valleys and plenty of wind as a warm storm pushes through the region.  After a break late Wednesday and Thursday, the next system moves in for Friday into Saturday with more significant water amounts likely.


A very warm storm is pushing through right now.  We’ve seen snowfall overnight for much of the high mountains.  Generally, an additional 2-9″ overnight.  Highest amounts have been either in the Northern Wasatch or in areas favored in SW flow.  Snowbasin, Brighton, Deer Valley, Eagle Point, and Beaver Mountain all in the 7-9″ range.  Lesser amounts elsewhere.  Storm totals since Sunday are now up to 3-13″.  This is a little slower start to the storm than we were expecting.

Today, snow will continue this morning into this afternoon before it starts to diminish this evening.  Winds will be strong and snow levels will be high.  Perhaps not the best day for skiing purposes, although I still plan to get up there and try to have a good time. The follow-up wave for Wednesday now looks to stay mostly north of the region.  Due to that, we will see precipitation ending earlier than previously forecasted.  I think most locations are still good to see 1-2 feet, but it might be tough with such dense snow to get to the high end of that range.   Still, liquid totals will be healthy, so it will boost our snowpack numbers once again.

As of now, it looks like a break in the action on Wednesday into Thursday with very warm air being pulled up into the area.  Upper 50s for the lower valleys and perhaps low 40s on the mountain!   The next storm pushes in late Thursday night and continues through the day Friday into early Saturday.    This storm will start very warm with snow levels likely at or above 8,000 feet.   Plenty of moisture likely so we could see significant totals in the highest elevations.  The good news is that this storm will see cold air filter in later in the storm with lowering snow levels.  Saturday could at least have some fluff on top.

So….  Not the best storms for snow recreation, perhaps….  but beggars can’t be choosers.

Long Range:

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering when we will return to more typical, cold Utah storms.  Well, it looks like it may be awhile..  We’ll have a break in the action from about February 12-17 with high pressure in control.  A trough will nudge into the western U.S. beyond that and could open the storm door once again. However, at this time it’s impossible to say what kind of storms we may get and just how cold they may be.  Certainly a chance that these warm AR events will continue.  Seems to be the theme of this winter thus far.



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9 thoughts on “Warm, Wet, and Windy

  1. Db

    Checking the cams in PC it looks like it rained there…??

    (shamless plug for people I dont know)
    Also, I just spent 5 days in CO with a new set of FTP mittens.. Love em. Support the local guys if you can

  2. Tom Bennett

    Snowbird was great for the first couple of hours. Almost nobody up there and although denser than normal there was at least a foot on the upper mountain. The winds were pretty hard-core and they closed the tram and little cloud by 11 o’clock. Word is the roads going to close at one as well. So tomorrow could be epic.

  3. Luke Langston

    So, I fly in Thursday night and in planning for skiing Friday I am thinking we would be better off hitting a higher elevation resort like Brighton as opposed to powder mountain due to the warmth of the storm. Thoughts?

  4. Jeff

    With more rain and warm weather coming, adding to the rain and warm weather that has cycled through, I’m starting to think ski season is coming to a very quick end. The snow was unskiable today. The rain has melted and turned the snow to slush and run off. With the highs in the 40s and lows in the mid 30s, it cannot snow. The birds are out in the canyons already, what the hell happened to Utah snow? Nothing to be happy about as a skier. If January didn’t deliver, ski season would be washed out

    1. Ben Boynton

      hang them skis up. Time to move to the east bud. wayyy sick over there. In fact, maybe the french alps would benifit you. Later Pierre

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