Snow Returning

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 8:39 am


A couple more days of quiet weather and valley haze before the ridge breaks down and a storm pushes in for the weekend.  Additional storm likely for next week.


Ridge still in control, but there’s an end in sight.  Valley haze continues to worsen and air quality is often in the ‘red’ for many locations.  Get up into the mountains to get in your cardiovascular activities.

Things will start to change on Thursday as the ridge begins breaking down.  Trough moves in off the west coast and will throw weakening moisture into the Great Basin.  Most of this moisture will be shunted north of the area.  Northern Utah mountains could see light snow showers starting Thursday night and continuing a bit on Friday.  Accumulations should be minimal.

On Saturday, the trough itself will start to move inland and we’ll see a better chance for snow.  Does not look like a strong storm by any means, but we could see some soft turns on Saturday with snow falling at times.  There’s certainly a chance that this storm could bring moderate amounts, but at this point I’d set expectations low.  As I said a couple days ago, this system is the sacrificial lamb that will be breaking down the ridge.

EC and GFS have come into agreement that another storm will push in early next week (Monday-Wednesday).  Still a lot of differences in timing/strength, but it does look like it will be a stronger storm for the region.  Strong enough to fully mix out any remaining valley inversions.

Long Range:

Right now, it looks like late next week (Feb 9-12) we will see a ridge re-build.  Lots of cold air going to develop up in Alaska toward the middle of the month.  I still think we could see an active second half of February.  Just speculation at this point…

Saw this yesterday, it’s our statewide average snowpack:

This shows that our current statewide snowpack (bold red line) is already above the typical April 1 peak snowpack.  That means that barring a complete stop in the storm train, we should finish well above average this season.




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11 thoughts on “Snow Returning

  1. Worker Drone

    Just got back from my ski trip out there. We skied Solitude and Brighton. The tree skiing at Brighton in particular was awesome on Sunday. Yesterday, not so much–it was starting to get packed out. But it was still fun. Some fresh snow would definitely help though. Anyway, despite the lack of fresh snow, the conditions held up pretty well until yesterday. Also, it’s weird (and cool) to be on the slopes at around 1:30 and still be at the SLC airport for an early evening flight.

  2. telecaster

    Please stop calling it an “inversion” and start calling it what it is…. air pollution. Thanks for your awesome and invaluable work.

    1. Ran

      It would still be an inversion without the pollution. Pollution is caught with the cold air, anyone reading this forecast knows the implication of “inversion” in SLC. We have air polution when there aren’t inversions also.

    2. Wasatch Snow Forecast

      Your comment shows a lack of understanding of what is going on. Air pollution is a side effect of inversions. Inversions are the actual weather phenomenon that causes cold air, and a mix of both natural and man-made pollutants to be trapped in the valleys, often along with fog and stratus. I forecast the weather, you can do the rest and call it whatever you wish.

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