Sacrificial Lamb

Sunday, January 29, 2017 at 9:05 am


Inversions continue with warm, sunny weather on the mountain with haze and cooler temps in the valleys.  Our next chance for a storm will be later this week, Friday into Saturday, when a weakening storm pushes a cold front through the region.


Not too much to talk about today.  High pressure, as expected, remains in control.  Inversions are in place and air quality has been deteriorating in the lower elevations.  We will remain quiet through at least Wednesday.

Storm approaches the west coast on Thursday. This storm is going to play the part of the sacrificial lamb.  It will be fairly strong for the Sierra and Cascades, but will weaken considerably as it moves inland and breaks down the ridge.  Right now, it looks like late Friday thru Saturday will be our best chance for snow.  We’ll keep an eye on that.

Long Range:

Beyond the weekend, there’s not much agreement.  Both the EC and GFS operational runs try to bring in action again between Feb 7-10, but they don’t have much support from their ensembles, which favor ridging over the western U.S.  Not going to commit to either solution at this point.  Will have to wait and see.


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3 thoughts on “Sacrificial Lamb

  1. dpmads

    Dear God(s),
    Please make it snow!

    Your favorite son (whose favorite thing is snow in case you forgot)

  2. David Kenny

    Going with friends out west Feb 28th for a week. If you had to guess between Utah, Tahoe or whistler where would you bet that there would be the highest likelihood of a powder day?

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