Yet Another Powder Day

Monday, January 23, 2017 at 6:37 am


Southwesterly flow has been drawing moisture into the region over the past 18 hours or so.  Snow has been falling through much of the night, with the heaviest accumulations north of I-80.  Today will be a powder day as periods of snow continue.  The flow will turn northwesterly with a passage of a cold front around midday.  Snow showers continue into tonight.  Ridging takes control for quiet weather later this week into the weekend.


Fairly complicated storm is ongoing.  Southwesterly flow brought periods of snow to the Wasatch overnight.  As expected, the heaviest snow was concentrated on areas north of I-80.  Powder Mountain, Snowbasin, and Whisper Ridge were the big winners with 13-16″ of snow overnight.  The Cottonwoods and PC were in the 7-13″ range.  Fairly dense snow and wind affected as gusts were over 50 mph on the mountain tops most of the night.  Winds remain strong but are starting to die down just a bit.

Powder Mountain snowstake disappeared overnight:

The storm is going to send a cold front through the region later today and drop snow levels from 5000-5500 feet down to valley flows.  It will also pivot and shift the flow from SW to NW and areas like LCC should start to be favored this afternoon.  Snow showers will taper a bit but should continue off and on through tonight.  In general, another 6-12″ is expected by Tuesday morning.

Both today and Tuesday should be good powder days.

Unstable northwesterly flow could keep the threat for occasional snow showers around through Wednesday, but we’ll see ridging start to take control for the end of the week into this weekend.  Temps on the mountains will increase while valleys will become inverted.

Long Range:

The ridge will hold strong through the end of the month and likely into the beginning of February.  Still seeing a change in the pattern during the first week of February.  Right now it looks like the first chance for a storm will be around Feb 4, give or take a day.  We’ll have to continue to watch that.


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My beautiful new Surefoot by Lange boots


Updated snowfall chart for this storm cycle, approaching 4 FEET at Brighton!

Snowfall 20-Jan 21-Jan 22-Jan 23-Jan Totals
Brighton 4 17 10 13 44
Snowbird 4 16 16 7 43
Alta 5 14 17 7 43
Brian Head 13 14 6 3 36
Solitude 3 12 8 9 32
Snowbasin 3 6 10 13 32
Deer Valley 2 13 4 12 31
Powder Mtn 4 3 8 15 30
Eagle Point 12 7 6 2 27
Park City 2 8 6 11 27
Sundance 4 7 4 4 19
Beaver Mtn 1 0 5 8 14

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6 thoughts on “Yet Another Powder Day

  1. Chad Niel

    Apparently all of LCC including the resorts have been closed all day due to an avalanche and “an accident.” Stay safe people =/

      1. Chad Niel

        I wonder if they didn’t open the mountain because none of the employees could get up there? I’m a little nervous tomorrow there will so much back-avi control work nothing good will open.

        1. Mike Gromer

          Yeah, I’ve been wondering that as well. I would assume patrollers went up there before the 6:45AM scheduled closure of the road, but not sure about the rest of the staff. I also have no clue how the resorts operate during storms like this.

          1. Tom Bennett

            Unfortunately I think tomorrow will be a complete 100% crap shoot. Avalanches, staffing, bad drivers, etc. I u-turned from LCC at 9:30 and went to the Canyons this AM and it was fantastic. Not the Bird, but great, nonexistent crowds, and the most important thing, OPEN!

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