Last in the Series

Wednesday, January 11, 2017 at 6:16 am


Our last system in what has been a crazy storm cycle is pushing through the region.  Snow will continue today into early tonight.  Snow will linger in the mountains of Southern Utah through Friday morning.  Generally clear and warmer this weekend into early next week. Storms looks to return later next week.


Another very good storm.  We’ve seen a prolonged and moist SW flow since yesterday afternoon that has favored some of the typical areas that do well in a SW flow.  Deer Valley continues to pick up crazy numbers (18″).  Powder Mountain has picked up an additional 20″. PowMow has been closed since Sunday afternoon, which means that if they can get terrain open today and tomorrow, it will be ungodly deep! 38″ of fresh snow since the last person skied it…  Time to call in sick…?   Here’s their snowstake disappearing:

Other areas have seen good amounts as well.  Brighton leads the way in the Cottonwoods with 20″ of new snow.  We see a big difference between what they are reporting and what Alta/Snowbird and even Solitude are reporting.  Automated sensors more or less seem to support these totals however, could just be the benefit of the SW flow.

Western Uintas are getting hammered as well.  Not sure how much snow they’ve gotten out there but if some if you snowmobilers get out there, I’d really appreciate a report and photos.

Snow will continue for much of today.  This afternoon, a cold front will push through and switch the flow from SW to NW.  The cold front could fire up rumbles of thunder and very heavy snowfall for a brief period.  Pretty similar, perhaps, to what we saw Monday evening.  An additional 6-12″ is certainly possible today with more in some of those same favored areas.

We will start to clear out in northern Utah tonight.  However southern Utah will continue to see periods of snow in the mountains through Friday morning as the storm cuts-off down there.

By Saturday, we should all be dry and mostly sunny skies continuing through the weekend.  The first bluebird weekend we’ve seen in quite some time.  It will be nice to dig out, open some new terrain, and perhaps have a tailgate bbq for once.  I’m excited for it!  The break continues into early next week.  Valley inversions will likely develop and worsen through the period, so getting up onto the mountains is a good idea.

Long Range:

Both major models agree that we will switch back to a stormier pattern late next week.  Right now, the timing looks to be late Wednesday (1/18) or early Thursday (1/19) for when we could see precip re-enter the region.  Too early for details, but at this point it looks like maybe Southern Utah will be most favored.  We’ll keep an eye on that over the upcoming dry spell.


P.S. There may not be a forecast tomorrow morning on Thursday.  Will try to make a quick update if anything changes.

January Totals 2-Jan 3-Jan 4-Jan 5-Jan 6-Jan 8-Jan 9-Jan 10-Jan 11-Jan Totals
Brighton 7 21 6 18 2 4 11 12 20 101
Deer Valley 5 19 4 16 1 2 6 19 18 90
Solitude 10 28 4 15 0 1 8 10 9 85
Sundance 1 20 3 22 3 5 9 6 9 78
Powder Mtn 8 2 3 18 0 5 6 12 20 74
Beaver Mtn 7 2 10 17 0 5 6 15 11 73
Park City 6 17 3 13 0 2 3 10 14 68
Snowbird 5 19 2 13 2 2 5 11 7 66
Alta 4 19 3 10 2 1 5 10 7 61
Snowbasin 8 2 7 11 0 3 6 8 11 56
Brian Head 1 0 0 2 12 2 0 5 0 22
Eagle Point 0 0 1 3 7 2 3 4 20

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