Snow Levels Dropping

Monday, January 9, 2017 at 6:28 am

Monday 1pm update:

The upcoming cold front this afternoon looks unorganized. We’ll still see periods of snow thru tonight, but probably only 3-6″ of additional accumulation. The storm for Tuesday night thru Wednesday looks colder and much better for skiing purposes. Let’s get this sloppy one over with and bring on the POW!





Very sloppy conditions so far with this storm as expected.  Today (Monday) we transition to the cooler part of this storm with heavy snow falling.  Snow will turn more showery tonight with a break on Tuesday.  Next storm rolls in Tuesday night and lasts thru Wednesday night.  Additional significant accumulations likely.


As expected, this storm has been more sloppy than anything else.  Yesterday we saw dense mountain snowfall.   We also saw snow, turning to freezing rain, turning to just rain in the valleys.  Winds picked up overnight and I got some impressive gusts at my house.  The winds are still high this morning, but should subside slightly later today. Still, could be some wind holds so be prepared.

So far resorts in Northern Utah are reporting anywhere from 5-15″ of new snowfall.  Remember, the first part of this system was not expected to be all that impressive with how warm the temperatures were.  The majority of our accumulations will come at the tail end of the storm.  The transition to the tail end is on-going right now with precipitation rapidly filling in over northern Utah.  We are still in the “warm sector” with snow levels right now up near 8,000 feet, but that will change today as the cold front moves through.  By tonight, they should drop to valley floors.  Expect an additional 8-16″ of snow by tomorrow morning for most ski resorts.  That will put storm totals at 12-24″ with higher amounts possible.

Tuesday is a short break between storms, although occasional snow showers will still be possible.  Then, Tuesday night, the next storm pushes in.  This storm is colder, so snow levels will be in the 5-6k foot range and shouldn’t be an issue.  Heavy snow is likely all day Wednesday and lingering into Wednesday night.  This is likely a better storm for powder skiing than our current one.

Current NAM 12km model shows some very good accumulations still to come for the Upper Cottonwoods:

Based on this, I think another 1-2 FEET is likely in this next storm with perhaps up to 3 FEET of additional snow in favored areas.  Southern Utah will be getting in on some of the action later today as well as later with this second storm, but snowfall totals should be significantly less down there.

Long range:

We’ll have a break in the action late Thursday thru the weekend.  GFS wants to bring a weak system into the area on Monday but the Euro keeps us dry.  Both models do agree that we could get back to a more active pattern late next week (January 18-21).


P.S.  If you’re making a trip to Utah to ski powder, might as well make it worth your while to have a day you will never forget.  Whisper Ridge Cat and Heli Skiing is an incredible new operation that has just about everything.  I spent a day up there just before Christmas and you can read all about it.  I would highly recommend it.

Again, my full trip report and review can be found here:


Updated charts:

January Totals 2-Jan 3-Jan 4-Jan 5-Jan 6-Jan 8-Jan 9-Jan Totals
Brighton 7 21 6 18 2 4 11 69
Solitude 10 28 4 15 0 1 8 66
Sundance 1 20 3 22 3 5 9 63
Deer Valley 5 19 4 16 1 2 6 53
Snowbird 5 19 2 13 2 2 5 48
Beaver Mtn 7 2 10 17 0 5 6 47
Park City 6 17 3 13 0 2 3 44
Alta 4 19 3 10 2 1 5 44
Powder Mtn 8 2 3 18 0 5 6 42
Snowbasin 8 2 7 11 0 3 6 37
Brian Head 1 0 0 2 12 2 0 17
Eagle Point 0 0 1 3 7 2 0 13


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