Here We Go Again…

Sunday, January 8, 2017 at 7:37 am


Low elevation rain and high elevation snowfall today as moisture continues to push into the area.  Snow levels rise to above 8,000 feet this afternoon.  Cold front and heaviest snowfall arrives on Monday.  Another storm likely for Tuesday night and Wednesday.


Generally light snowfall accumulations so far with 1-5″ reported at Utah resorts overnight.  Moisture is increasing and we should see periods of high elevation snowfall today.  Snow levels will rise today up to above 8,000 feet.  The exception could be the lower valleys in which fairly deep cold air is currently trapped.  Most of SLC valley is currently in the low 20s, temps rise as you get off valley floors.  This is a recipe for freezing rain unless we can mix out the valleys.  Be careful driving around the lower valleys today.  If the temperature is below freezing but it’s raining, you can bet it’s freezing to surfaces.

The mountains will see 3-6″ of dense snowfall today above 8,000 feet.  Lower elevations of some resorts will likely see rain.  We could see a break in the action late this afternoon into this evening as the main portion of the storm approaches.

Snow should re-develop early Monday morning with heavy snowfall thru the day into Monday night.  This is the period with best accumulation and snow levels should fall down below 7,000 feet during the day.

Accumulations by Tuesday morning still looks to be 1-2 FEET for the 7,500 to 9,000 foot range.  The highest elevations above 9k feet could see greater than 2 feet of snow.  Lower elevations, 6,500 to 7,500, will likely get accumulations under a foot late on Monday after snow levels drop.

Tuesday is a break in the action before the next storm pushes in for Tuesday night thru Wednesday night.  This storm is cooler, snow levels will start in the 6-7k foot range, dropping down to valley floors by the end of the storm.  Right now it looks like another 1-2 feet will be possible.

For our skiing purposes:

  • Today (Sunday) will be very wet and windy with dense snow.
  • Monday will be a storm day with heavy accumulation, should still be very windy
  • Tuesday will be a post-storm powder day, winds picking up later in the day in advance of the next storm
  • Wednesday will be a storm day, powder day
  • Thursday is another post-storm powder day

That’s a lot of chances to ski powder.

Long Range:

Models have come into better agreement that we will see a break in the weather from late Thursday thru at least Saturday.  Then models disagree, GFS wants to bring in another storm while the Euro has it falling apart before reaching us.  Both models indicate that active pattern could redevelop somewhere in the 15th-18th of January timeframe.


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4 thoughts on “Here We Go Again…

  1. Florida Sam

    The stoke level is high. Me and Tiny pulled the trigger, we land Tuesday.

    I’m born and raised in Florida and I may being boarding powder for my birthday this week. Praying for forecast stability

  2. Luke Schmick

    Any chance of catching a powder day at Brian Head on Thursday? I Finally got a chance to head to Utah!

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