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A very strong storm with atmospheric river origins will push into the region starting tonight.  High snow levels, dense snow, and windy conditions. Heaviest precipitation will fall on Monday.  A brief break on Tuesday before the next storm pushes in on Tuesday night and Wednesday.


Honestly, not that much new to talk about that wasn’t covered yesterday.  Moisture is increasing across the region. You can see this on the current water vapor satellite:

Snow will develop at times tonight.  Snow levels down to valley floors initially.  We’ll see occasional waves of moisture thru the day tomorrow into Sunday night.  Snow levels will continue to rise tonight into tomorrow off valley floors and all the way up to near 9,000 feet.  Accumulations should not be great until Monday when heavier precipitation moves in which will coincide with snow levels fall down to about 7,000 feet.

It’s not the best storm for skiing purposes.  Very wet with rain for many base elevations and windy throughout.  Total accumulations looking like:

  • Above 9,000 feet, 20-36″ of dense snow by Tuesday
  • Between 7,500 – 9,000 feet,  1-2 feet of snow with most of it toward the tail end of the storm.
  • 6,500 – 7,000 feet,  6-12″ at the end of the storm Monday evening and Monday night.

The next storm will push in quickly on this one’s heels.  Snow should begin Tuesday night with snow continuing through Wednesday and into Wednesday night.  Snow levels with this storm look lower, likely in the 5500-6500 range.  Could be a decent storm for powder skiing.  At this point, I’d guess another 1-2 feet could be possible if current forecasts hold.

Long Range:

GFS is still trying to keep chances for active weather around into next weekend.  The Euro is much drier and gives us a break in action.  I’m inclined to trust the Euro.  Both models generally have chances for active weather returning after mid-month.


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