Wild Wednesday

Wednesday, January 4, 2017 at 6:19 am


Moisture is streaming into the region today bringing snow to the mountains thru tonight into tomorrow morning.  1-2 FEET of snow is likely for the high elevations by Thursday evening.  A break Friday and Saturday before another strong storm affects the region Sunday-Tuesday.


We have seen moisture increase ahead of the next system over the past 12 hours or so.  As I type this, most of the Central Wasatch is in the warm sector of the storm.  My house saw temperature rise from 25F to 37F overnight.  Snow levels likely up to 5500′ for much of the day today.  Farther north, in Ogden up to Logan, they’ve remained much cooler and have seen snowfall throughout.

Today will be windy ahead of the front.  Likely to be some wind holds on lifts.  Snow will increase throughout the day and peak this evening as the cold front pushes through.  This cold front will lower snow levels back down to valley floors, but the best moisture may already be south of the SLC region by then.  Today will likely get deeper as the day goes on at local resorts, but due to the wind, it’s a risk/reward kind of day.  Tomorrow should be a sure bet for powder.  Still thinking 1-2 FEET of snowfall with pockets of more than that possible.

Areas in southern Utah will see the best snow tonight into tomorrow.  Brian Head and Eagle Point, which have largely been held out of the action so far this month, will get in on the action.

A break on Friday and Saturday, then we have a strong storm push in on Sunday.  This is an Atmospheric River event and, as usual with these type of storms, California will get the brunt of the action.  Utah will feast on the leftovers.  Due to the tropical origins of this AR event, we will see snow levels rise up during this storm.  Right now it looks like they will go above 7k feet perhaps reaching 8k feet for a period.  That means lower base elevations will see some rain.  This is similar to the AR event we saw in early December.

But, the high elevations will see a lot of additional snowfall.  The QPF for the Upper Cottonwoods is impressive:

Univ of Utah

We could see close to 2″ of liquid with the storm today and tonight, then another 2-4″ of liquid with the next storm.  That equates to at least 1-3 FEET of dense snow for the high elevations.  Maybe not the best snow for powder skiing or snow stability, but should go a long way to continue to bolster our snowpack.

Long range:

Both the GFS and Euro have active weather continuing January 11-14.  Too far out for details, but hopefully these storms will have a bit more cold air.

January Snow Table:

January Totals 2-Jan 3-Jan 4-Jan Totals
Solitude 10 28 4 42
Brighton 7 21 6 34
Sundance 1 20 13 34
Deer Valley 5 19 4 28
Snowbird 5 19 2 26
Park City 6 17 3 26
Alta 4 19 3 26
Beaver Mountain 7 2 10 19
Snowbasin 8 2 7 17
Powder Mountain 8 2 3 13
Brian Head 1 0 0 1
Eagle Point 0 0 0 0


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17 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday

  1. Florida Sam


    Me and my buddies are really trying to figure out if we chase from Florida. If we land Tuesday (1-10) and leave Sunday (1-15) giving us the 11th – 14th which puts us in right after this first round, and during the extended range second round. Any idea on those details for the 11 – 14? Weather channel is calling for snow every day, but meager totals.

    Coming from Florida means it cost a bit to do it, you think that would be money well spent?

    Need to see snow.


    1. Andrew

      I’m in the same exact boat Sam, except we’d leave Saturday instead of Sunday. Have to decide/book by tomorrow morning. I’m hearing there will be snow, but it might be heavy do to an AR Event (warm weather). Tough call.

    2. Wasatch Snow Forecast

      Right now it looks like we will have at least one additional storm in the January 11-14 range. Too early to know any details or snow levels, but I would doubt it would be as warm as the Sun-Tuesday storm.

          1. Andrew

            Looks like good precipitation. If things hold, worst case scenario is the snow is a bit heavy?

          2. Andrew

            I’m making my final decision in the morning. I’m hoping your forecast can discuss next week a bit. Thanks for what you do. Makes this game we play really fun.

  2. SkiG

    Being on the Wasatch Back, hearing the “R” word for next week really bums me out. In the meantime, I’m loving all this pow

  3. Walter Wray

    Evan, do you have the old NOAA link for Solitude summit? Seems like the link disappeared when they re-worked their web page…

  4. SoPow

    Beaver was well over 20″ …it was an intense pow day. We wrongly reported the 10″ due to having been overwhelmed with the 2 lost skiers last night. They were found. We sort of ust guessed on the snow totals. But we were easily over double what we reported. Thanks Evan!

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