Too Many Inches, Just Enough Hose

Tuesday, January 3, 2017 at 6:14 am

Tuesday PM Update:

Everything looking good.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) should get deeper throughout the day.  The one spoiler could be winds which could be gusty as the front approaches.  Wind protected areas will be the place to get your free refills.

Thursday should be great with the storm winding down and plentiful powder.

Big storm still likely for Sunday thru Tuesday, although snow levels could be an issue with this storm… WSF



Yesterday’s storm produced in earnest for the central Wasatch thanks to a stalled front.  Today (Tuesday) will be a bit of a break before the action fires back up again tonight thru Thursday with significant snow likely.  Another good storm likely for late weekend into early next week.  The moisture hose just keeps on delivering!


Wow! Our weak front stalled over the area yesterday and brought incredible snowfall amounts.  For the ski resorts north of I-80, they saw the front move through and drop a healthy 9-10″.  That was the expected fate for most of us. But once the front stalled, it just kept snowing.  Cottonwoods/PC area resorts reporting 20-38″ of new snow!!!! This skiing yesterday was incredible.  Today should be just as good, if not better!

Here’s a loop of snowbird’s accumulations over past 24-hours:

Stake is almost totally buried, but they didn’t clean it off the other day.  So it’s a couple days of accumulation, not just overnight.

Next storm:

Our next storm moves in tonight with snow falling thru at least Thursday morning, if not into Thursday evening.  We could see snow levels rise a bit with this storm.  Lower valleys could see a switch from snow to rain.  But for the mountains, it should be all snow.  12km NAM shows the following accumulations for the Upper Cottonwoods:

Two feet… not bad…   The WRF model for this storm in map form:

Those brownish and yellow colors indicate 2-3 feet for the Central Wasatch and western Uintas.  Notice the ‘white’ colors in the Sierra Nevada.  Off the charts snowfall of >4 feet of snow over the next 2.5 days.

All things considered, I think that we can expect 1-2 FEET of snow with pockets of up to 3 FEET in the Wasatch between now and late Thursday night.  

Break time on Friday and Saturday.  Giving resorts a chance to dig out!

Our next system will push an atmospheric river into the west coast with the Sierras getting the brunt of the action.  We should see plenty of leftovers from late Sunday thru Tuesday of next week.  Hard to say amounts at this time, but it’s certainly possible we could be measuring snowfall in feet once again.  It is also likely that this time the snow levels will rise off all valley floors.  Could be a high density dump….

So on top of what we’ve already seen, GEFS ensemble mean shows the following accumulations:

Univ of Utah

The gray areas in the Central Wasatch and western Uintas indicate possibility for more than 60 inches of snow.  The white spots in the Sierra Nevada are for areas of 120″ or greater!  In fact, there’s a chance that 10-day totals in the Sierra could exceed 15-20 FEET in a few select places!  That’s more snow than they’ve seen in some of their entire recent seasons.

Long Range:

With so much action in the next week, didn’t bother to look beyond that.  There were indications of another storm possible for around the 12th or 13th.


P.S.   Going to just keep a running total of snowfall for this storm cycle to help us keep track of these absurd totals.  After storm #1:

January Totals 2-Jan 3-Jan Totals
Solitude 10 28 38
Brighton 7 21 28
Deer Valley 5 19 24
Snowbird 5 19 24
Park City 6 17 23
Alta 4 19 23
Sundance 1 20 21
Powder Mountain 8 2 10
Snowbasin 8 2 10
Beaver Mountain 7 2 9
Brian Head 1 0 1
Eagle Point 0 0 0


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13 thoughts on “Too Many Inches, Just Enough Hose

  1. Cee2SLC

    Yay snow! Your table might turn into a really nice graph, too- would be good to visualize how things are stacking up from place to place.

    The Great Salt Lake might even rise this year if this keeps up!

  2. Mitchell Frankel

    Dawn Patrol this morning in LCC was some of the lightest deepest snow I’ve skied in years, possibly ever in my 10 years here in the Wasatch.

  3. Tom Bennett

    Mitchell, I agree. Best of both. Crowd wasn’t even too bad at the Bird, even with the comical opening at Gadzoom.

    1. SJG

      I was first chair on Gadzoom, and I agree it was a cluster futz.

      Today was a top 5 all-time day for me, and that’s saying a lot!

  4. Brigham Jorgensen

    The northeast aspects seemed deepest at alta. Crazy how it was crowded on Monday with a fiasco of traffic on the 210 coming down, but the crowds didn’t want the good snow today. Could ski on to the lifts all day.

    Course the crowd of bounds hiking above Collins and the highT maggoted up it in no time, but stashes of soft are still out there and waiting for refills.

    Hope these next couple of storms hit the northern resorts too. Be nice to get up to PowMow or even the Beav for a change.

    Thanks is for the killer updates.

  5. rinogo

    WSF, thanks as always for the detailed and consistent updates! If we’re slaves to The Man and can only take off one day during the rest of this week, which day would you recommend?

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