Monday PM update

Monday, January 2, 2017 at 5:34 pm

Oh mah Gawd!  Today was great.  Our “modest” storm was fairly modest…   But then it stalled in Utah county, just close enough for the Central Wasatch (Cottonwoods/PC) to see snow fall going for the whole day.

And guess what!!!!  The stalled front is moving back north thanks to amplification upstream.  I hinted at that this morning in the full discussion as the NAM had been showing this for the past 24 hours, but I wasn’t totally sold.  I’m sold now!  It will interact with moisture streaming in from Northern Nevada to enhance snowfall overnight.  We should see additional accumulations.  When I left BCC today, there was close to 15″, would expect another 6-12″ possible!  Tomorrow should be great.

A break on Tuesday, then we should see snow re-develop later Tuesday night with almost constant snowfall possible thru Thursday.  Could easily see another 1-2 FEET for the mountains from Tuesday night thru Thursday night.

Still looks like a Friday/Saturday break, then the storm for later Sunday thru Tuesday looks great with significant accumulations likely.   Models then bring another storm in around the 10th/11th.

Get ready to take some “sick” days… hell, just quit your job, it’s going to be unreal.


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7 thoughts on “Monday PM update

  1. Jake Krong

    Today was unreal in BCC (Mill D). It started OK, and then just got deeper and deeper to the point where the turns were bottomless on our last 3 laps.

  2. Tom Bennett

    Looks like BCC will be the big winner again tomorrow. Might have to use a few of those Solitude days!

  3. Kory Robison

    Uintas got hammered! Snowmobiling in easily 2′-3′ and it was still coming down at 5pm

  4. Florida Sam

    I know I know 7+ days…..

    If I chased on the 11th would I be happy? That’s my birthday weekend, that would be pretty epic….

    How that storm next week looking?

  5. Db

    2 bad things about this storm..

    1) roads from PC getting to the airport.
    2) having to go to the airport

    Enjoy! At least we had today

  6. Stone McDaniel

    Just got back from a late night drive up LCC. Let’s just say y’all are going to be happy campers. Canyon patrol wasn’t even trying to drive up and down it was so deep. It’s rare when my f350 has trouble getting up the canyon in even the gnarliest of storms. Snow was at the very top of my 33″ tires from Snowbird to Alta…and that was on the road!!! This series of storms are going to be insane! >:)

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