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Monday, December 19, 2016 at 8:22 am


After a very active past few days weatherwise (active past 5 weeks, really), we are finally seeing a break in the action.  Only one small storm in the next 5 days.  Models though, are hinting at the possibility of a larger storm Christmas eve into Christmas day.


Not too much to talk about for once.  We are under a ridge of high pressure right now.  Temperatures have been frigid, but they should moderate today and especially tomorrow ahead of a weak system dropping in late on Tuesday into Tuesday night.

This cold front lacks moisture and energy.  It was looking weak yesterday and has been steadily trending weaker in the models.  Probably wouldn’t expect more than an inch or two at this point.

The storm system that was possible for Thursday night into Friday now is trending deeper and slower and likely won’t arrive into the area until Saturday into Saturday night now.  This could mean that it will be a bit stronger though.  More good news for the weekend warriors.   Also good news if you’re a fan of a white Christmas powder day.  Before you get excited, however, check out the ensemble spread:

Univ of Utah

Notice that some ensembles have a fairly significant storm Christmas eve, others a moderate system, and others have no system at all.   Confidence is very low in any one solution.  No clue at this point what the timing or evolution will be of this storm.  Or even if snow levels will be low enough for a white Christmas in the valleys.  We’ll just have to wait and see for now.  Until then, enjoy the relatively quiet weather and get the rest of your Christmas shopping done.

Long Range:

Hard to get into specifics as models are in poor agreement, but in general, the pattern looks to stay fairly active into the new year with out any major signs of prolonged ridging at this point.


P.S.  It was so amazing to see all the smiling faces at resorts and photos on social media over the past few days of everybody out having fun in the deep powder.  Utah seems to be delivering its typical dose of good times in Greatest Snow on Earth.  After powder days in the resort early this weekend.  I opted for a tour yesterday and thought I’d share a few photos as it was one of the most photogenic hikes I’ve done in a long while.


An idyllic hike up on the most peaceful skin track you’ll ever find.

Thanks for the support and awesome gloves – Free The Powder

Avy danger was still “considerable” on high angle, wind-loaded terrain. So we stuck to low angle POW. Surfy!

The forecaster finds the goods.


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  1. Andre

    flying out on the 27th for 4 days (trip #1 of the season (from Midwest).. can’t wait! all these pics and commentaries are amazing.

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