Frantic Friday is Here

Friday, December 16, 2016 at 6:43 am


Crazy weather today with high elevation snow and wind.  We could see thunderstorms along the front today and rapidly dropping snow levels.  Already seen impressive amounts.


Southwest flow overnight was incredibly fruitful in generating widespread heavy precip.  Snow levels look like they’ve been between 7-8k feet.   Not too bad considering.  Alta-Collins reporting 10″ of snow from 1.28″ of liquid (as of 6am).  Brighton crest sensor shows 16″ of new snow overnight.  Brighton is often favored in a SW flow.  Ben Lomond is also favored in these flows and has picked up 3.7″ of liquid!!!!! That is incredible in just 12 hours.  Aspen Grove in Utah county showing over 4″ of liquid.  If that’s true, that’s insane.  Still quite a bit more to come…

Today will be windy and wild.  We could see a short break in the action this morning, but as the front approaches this afternoon, precip will pick up again in intensity with rapidly falling snow levels.  This front is packing quite a punch and could even fire up some thunderstorms.  Then tonight, we should see some lake effect snow.  But at this time it looks like it will focus too far west to benefit ski resorts.  Western half of Salt Lake Valley and Oquirrhs should get hit the hardest.   Here is HRRR simulated radar for the rest of the day into tomorrow morning:

As mentioned a couple days ago, today is a risk/reward day.  Maybe you’ll ski/ride some dense snow with free refills, but maybe you’ll face wind/lightning holds and bad roads.  I’ll let you make the call whether it’s worth it.

Long range:

We will clear out on Saturday with cold temps thru the rest of the weekend into early next week.  A weak storm possible on Wednesday with perhaps a stronger system for Friday next week.  Too busy with the short term to spend much time looking at the long range, but active weather does look like it will continue.


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4 thoughts on “Frantic Friday is Here

  1. Zach Robert

    As always a well detailed report. Scary that snow levels were high just hoping it doesn’t cause too much havoc with the snowpack for getting out of bounds in the side and back country. I tell everyone and their mother to use your site for their predictions as you break it up and don’t sensationalize small stuff. Love your work man keep it up.

  2. Tom Bennett

    Snowbird storm skiing after the lightning holds. No gates open but chutes are filling in nicely. Snow still a bit heavy, but what would be considered “perfect Tahoe”. We are spoiled.

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