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Monday, November 28, 2016 at 7:39 am


Very cold and unstable and moist storm will bring heavy snow to all Utah mountains today with significant accumulations likely. Plenty of light fluffy powder already with lots more to come in the next 24 hours.  Another weaker storm for later this week.


Wow!  Already it’s been a great storm and we are just getting started with the meat and potatoes!   Totals so far…  It just kept dumping yesterday at Eagle Point near Beaver and they now have a storm total of 34″.  Of course, they are not open yet, but that will go a long way toward getting them into another great season.  Second place so far is, predictably, Alta which is already reporting 22″ since Saturday evening.  Snowbird is at 19″. Brighton 17″. Sundance 14″.  Park City 13″.  Beaver Mountain 12″.   Needless to say, things have already been good and they are just getting better.

Very unstable, cold air with plenty of moisture will stream into the region today.  Heavy snow will develop virtually everywhere and continue thru the day.  It should start to taper off this evening in many locales, but could continue overnight in areas favored in northwest and northerly flows.  You can see the snow in this predicted radar loop from the HRRR model:


You can see that by later tonight, the flow turns more northerly, which will put the focus on areas from about Nephi south to Cedar City.  We should also get a good lake effect band, but it will be focused on the Oquirrhs and Tooele more so than the Wasatch.  Still, totals will be impressive.  Yesterday the forecast was for 10-20″ with up to 2 feet in the favored areas.  I also said, “We could even see some areas pushing 3 feet if we are lucky, but I wouldn’t count on that.”  Welp, we already have Eagle Point sitting on the edge of 3 feet.  The Cottonwoods should get there as well.  Happy to say, it’s time to bump up those totals again.  Including what has already fallen, we should end up with 18-24″ for PC, DV, PowMow, Snowbasin, Beaver, Brian Head.  The Cottonwoods should get 30-40″ and Eagle Point could hit 50″.   Not bad, eh?

After this, we have a break late Tuesday and Wednesday.  Another storm for Thursday into Thursday night.  This storm looks much weaker, but could still put down enough powder to make opening day fun for many resorts on Friday.

Long Range:

Generally, we should see an active pattern continue.  The northwest will get the brunt of system’s energy, but EC and GFS both have us getting waves of snowfall every couple days or so.  It looks like they both agree on us getting something for early next week. We’ll keep an eye on it.


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