Storm Day

Wednesday, November 23, 2016 at 8:34 am

Quick update today…  Cold front will plow through the region later today into tonight with snow developing in Northern Utah mountains (and valleys).  Not a major storm, but 4-8″ is likely for high elevations.  Could see a bit more in the Cottonwoods with the benefit of good orographics and some lake effect/enhanced.

Break late Thursday thru Saturday.  Then a trough settles over the region Sunday thru Tuesday.  Right now the trend has been to take the best dynamics with this system south of the area.  We should still see several days of cold air and off and on snow.

More storms possible for the first week of December.

Full update tomorrow….

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5 thoughts on “Storm Day

  1. Ullr, The God of Snow

    Any idea why NOAA is forecasting huge numbers for tonight in Alta? Yesterday I was expecting their estimates to shoot down at some point, but this morning they’re still predicting 3-7″ today and 8-12″ tonight. What could be causing this? Looking at the GFS it doesn’t seem like anything major.

      1. Stone McDaniel

        Right? It really is laughable. The NCAR has the precipitation at 0.1″-0.9″. I’m just hoping that the water content of the snow is 5%-6% because of the colder temps in place now and the even colder temps on the way with the passage of the front. That might up our snow totals quite a bit. If the snow is in the 5%-6% area, I’d bet we’ll see 8-12″ maybe 14-16″ in the Cottonwoods… IF orographics and lake effect feel like being nice and gives us an early Christmas present. We can hope! I’m going through ski and snowboard withdrawals!!!! *crosses fingers, legs, eyes, and does a snow dance*

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