Election Day

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at 8:53 am

It’s election day! After a year and half of campaigning, speeches, debates, and secretly recorded bus conversations, we’ve heard it all.  But it struck me that perhaps the most important topic has not been discussed.  How does your vote affect Utah powder?  Since time is quickly running out for candidates to address this issue, I figured I might as well take a look at the numbers and see which political outcome has been most advantageous for us in the past.

Using UDOT’s snowfall data measured at Alta-Guard station (which dates back to the 40s), I was able to come up with the following chart showing how seasonal snowfall fared after each election year:


Republican victories (in red) and Democratic victories (in blue) both have averages below the non-election year average of 500 inches.  Democrats have a slight edge of 10 inches.  Democrats, however, have the two lowest years.  Which are actually two of our lowest years in recorded history.  Conversely, they also have the two biggest snowfall years in the list (1992-93 and 1996-97).  Clinton victories proved fruitful during those years.  Republican years were much more consistent without the wild swings in snowfall.  We can therefore assume, that a Republican victory is the safer, more conservative outcome.

So what’s it going to be America?  Are we going to see if Bill’s luck in the 90’s carries over to Hillary? Or is Donald Trump going to grab mother nature by the ***** and give us a season of Trump Dumps?



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9 thoughts on “Election Day

  1. Black

    too funny Evan! unfortunately nothing else to talk about!…….
    … whats your thoughts about the powder buoy out by Hawaii that is supposed to predict powder for the Cottonwoods?? saw an article on it in Powder mag a little while ago…….the buoy is higher today than i’ve seen it since reading the article

  2. Florida Sam

    Dang it man.

    The Hills don’t have any dumps on them.
    I Vonka see a white blanket
    Hopefully next week you’ll be putin out a better forecast
    So I guess no one can build a snowden anytime soon
    You lack of optimism is making me Pencive
    I kaine’t wait for the season to start
    I’m not crying about this forecast, my eyes just have a wikileak

    If Utah doesn’t get to at least 270 we all lose

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