Tuesday Snow Showers

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at 8:33 am


Snow showers today will be likely in the higher elevations although accumulations should be light.  Generally speaking, a drying and warming trend still in the cards later this week.  There is a possibility of a weak storm late Sunday into Monday.


Today’s storm is weak, but we’ve got cool air in place which is something we’ve lacked in recent storms.  We should see scattered snow showers in the mountains.  Accumulations should remain light, with an inch or two at most.

We dry out and warm up later this week.  Today’s storm will be splitting over Colorado and closing off around the 4-corners.  Southeast Utah could get showers during the week as this low spins down there.

Our next chance for a storm will be late Sunday into Monday.  The operative word is ‘chance’.  Right now the GFS brings the storm through the area, although it is only weak to moderate in strength.  The Euro, on the other hand, keeps almost all precip to the north of Utah.  Right now, I’d say it will likely just be another teaser.

Long range: 

The pattern is generally unfavorable for storms as we have a massive ridge of high pressure dominating most of North America.  It looks like this ridge will break down a bit mid-month, however, a ridge will build along the west coast.  This could block storms completely.  It’s possible that if the ridge is far enough west, that storms could drop down the backside of the ridge.  Still too far out for any details, we’ll just have to watch how this evolves.

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Snow Showers

  1. Mark Chilcutt

    Bad news for making any turns but great news that we get to keep riding our mtn bikes! Thanks for the updates

    1. Ran

      Exactly. At least when it’s pre-season, ridging means more mountain bike. Much prefer this over a mid season slump when all the trails are snowed over!

  2. Db

    interesting post by the guy who does the Colorado updates. He said a dry early November doesn’t indicate anything for the end of December based on previous data. Thats for Colorado, but probably similar in Utah.

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