A Spooky Forecast

Monday, October 31, 2016 at 7:23 am


A fresh blanket of snow in the high Wasatch today.  Another weak wave Tuesday afternoon will bring more snow showers. Then we dry out and warm up, perhaps for an extended period of time.

Fresh snow today… Our storm system came sweeping through the region last night with a period of rain, then quickly changing to snow for the tail end above 7,500 feet.  Looks like Alta-Collins station in LCC got a decent 0.71″ of liquid, but it only translated to 2″ of snow.  It’s a bit too late in the Autumn for teaser storms, but that’s all we’ve got so far…

A weak system Tuesday afternoon/evening… After a break this afternoon and evening, the next storm system will push through tomorrow later in the day.  This is very weak and splitting, but has colder air to work with.  We should see snow showers above 7k feet.  But only 1-3″ expected for the highest elevations at best.

High pressure takes control…  Drying and warming later this week into the weekend.  The GFS was trying to bring a system into the area late weekend.  But the Euro does not agree, keeping it north of the region.  The GFS now seems to be trending toward the Euro.

The outlook continues to be bleak for us getting anything that could potential help us start building a base.  The warmer temps expected should make man-made snow also difficult.  I’m hoping to see a pattern change develop, but as of yet, nothing.  It looks like it might be a struggle for some of our local resorts to be open in time for the scheduled opening days.  That is, of course, unless something dramatic changes.

Utilize every snow-summoning ritual you have!  Let’s see if collectively we can get this pattern to change.


P.S.  Mountain biking has been great considering how late it is in the season.  Especially in Southern Utah where it’s a touch warmer and less muddy.  Went down there this past weekend and had a great time.  Ready to ski, but will take what I can until then.  Pics on our instagram page @wasatchsnowforecast


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