Sub-tropical Tap?

Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 8:56 am

Sunday Morning update:

Not much change. Moisture increases in Utah late today and tonight. We should see widespread showers on Monday.  Unfortunately, as stated yesterday, snow levels should be high (10k feet).  So it will be a wet day, without much benefit of snow except for the very highest elevations.

We’ll have a break midweek before another system brings chance for rain and very high elevation snowfall Friday into Saturday.  If you’re hoping for good, cold storms to start to build the snowpack, it looks like you’re out of luck for now.  But don’t fret, it’s only October, we’ve still got plenty of time to build the base before we hit the heart of ski season.



Fairly quiet and warm this weekend.  Sub-tropical moisture is going to be pulled up into Utah on Monday into Tuesday.  Showers will be possible statewide with significant precipitation possible.  Unfortunately, not much in the way of cold air associated with this, which means very high snow levels.  Perhaps some accumulation on the high peaks and in the Uintas, but shouldn’t help our resorts out too much .

We dry out again middle of next week.  Active weather looks likely for the end of the month.  We have a chance for significant precipitation late next week although, once again it’s a sub-tropical moisture tap that would mean high snow levels.  Right now, our best hope for a colder storm would be right at the end of the month, but that’s still 9-10 days away and confidence is low.

Overall, model agreement has been poor and it’s hard to give any specifics at this point.  We will keep watching. Stay tuned!


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3 thoughts on “Sub-tropical Tap?

  1. Tedward Merritt

    My Waltworks should be done about the end of the month and since it’s not a fatbike and knowing the way the seasonal gods operate that should be when the snow starts flying, right? Thanks for hyping Walt end of last ski season. You were my impetuous to finally pull the trigger on a full custom frame!

  2. crabbers

    At the beginning of the month you said that October moisture was highly correlated with snow pack (or at least, a wet October generally means a good snow year). Where are we at now on that account, and where do we project with these next couple of storms?

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