A few more snow showers, then calm

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 at 8:00 am


Yesterday we saw a good period of snowfall across the region with several inches accumulating up high.  Today is a break before another weak system pushes thru on Wednesday with a few additional snow showers.  Afterward, warmer Fall weather will take control into the weekend.


Yesterday’s storm brought a good period of snowfall to the region.  It wasn’t quite as widespread or prolonged as some models had been indicating leading up to the storm.  But if you ask me, that’s a good thing as we want this snow to melt off anyway.  We’ll have one more weak wave to deal with tomorrow.  This is looking weaker and weaker with each model run.  Not much moisture or dynamics to deal with.  I would expect this to only bring some scattered snow showers to the mountains during the day tomorrow.  Accumulations should be minimal.

We clear out by Thursday and will warm up heading into the weekend.  Should be another ideal weekend for getting in some last hikes or bike rides.  Generally speaking, the nice weather should continue.  But a trough is forecasted to dig deep into the Gulf of Alaska and park itself off the coast of the Pacific Northwest.  As we approach mid-month and beyond.  The northwest should get some decent storms.  For us, we’ll be stuck between a ridge to our east and the trough to our northwest.  You can see this clearly on this map of forecasted height anomalies:


The question becomes, what happens with this trough?  Will it continue to progress east and bring us storms for the last half of the month? Will it retreat west, leaving us with continued ridging?  Or will it fall apart?  Quite simply, we don’t know yet as the long range models end around the 19th of October.  My hope is that it will translate to our first base-building storms for the last ten days of the month.  I’m a firm believer that October 20th is the day that we can safely start building a base.  Before that, I’m perfectly content with warm Fall afternoons and crisp mornings.


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