Taste of Winter…?

Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 7:29 am


The region will experience very warm temperatures to start the upcoming week.  Then a cold, winter-like trough will drop into the region and bring a chance for widespread precipitation and much cooler temperatures.  Mountain snowfall is looking like a good possibility.


A ridge is quickly building into the region behind the previous system.  This will be enhanced by a southerly flow over the next few days.  Temperatures should reach up to 10F above normal by Monday.  90F maximum temp for the SLC airport is certainly possible.  This warm weather, however, will meet an abrupt end later in the week as a very cold and winter-like system drops down from western Canada into the area.

There are still some discrepancies in the way the models bring the system thru Utah, but generally, we can expect showers and thunderstorms on Wednesday in a warm, pre-frontal SW flow.  Then, rain and mountain snow looks to be a good bet on Thursday into Friday as the cold front moves through.

For the first time in months, snow is being uniformly displayed on the GEFS plumes from the U of U for the Upper Cottonwoods:


The GFS output of snowfall is even more promising, especially for the high Uintas:


You can see some fairly significant (for September) snowfall is a possibility.  The exact track, timing and strength of this system will be critical to how much snowfall we get.  Just slightly warmer temperatures than expected would cause a dramatic drop in where and how much snow falls.

Frankly, I love storms, and I’m excited for snow.  But I would not be too bummed if this petered out a bit.  I’m not sure I’m ready for my high elevation MTB trails to be covered in snow just yet. Still, something to watch, and something to get you thinking about Winter in Utah!


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