Something to Watch

Friday, September 16, 2016 at 9:17 am

Fall is typically characterized by large temperature swings as we transition from warm to cold season.  Today was the coldest morning of the season so far at my house.  But warmth will be back for this weekend with temperatures climbing well above normal.  That warmth will last into the first half of next week.

Things could become interesting later next week (Thursday/Friday) as another trough drops down into the area.  Colder temperatures and another chance for high elevation snowfall will accompany this trough and associated cold front.  This time of year, it’s unlikely that we’ll get anything significant, but it should be enough to add some moisture to the soil again.  Good news for mountain biking.  Good news for the dry vegetation.  Perhaps a dusting of snow on the fall foliage up high.  More signs of the changing seasons…

Will try to update every other day or so from this point forward…


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