Flakes in the Forecast?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 8:29 am


We are getting deeper into September and therefore starting to see inexorable changes toward winter.  Leaves are changing, and for the first time, we’ve got a chance for some snowflakes in the forecast in the highest elevations.


A fall-like trough has been dropping into the Great Basin. Yesterday, it pulled up some moisture and a few scattered showers into the region.  Park City saw some rain (finally) last night along with several other areas.  Nothing major, but it’s nice to get some moisture.  Farther north, snow has been falling in the mountains of Idaho, western Wyoming and Montana.  Check out the BASE of Red Lodge this morning in Montana:


Hard to say for sure, but it looks like 6″ or more.

For Utah, we’re on the southern fringes of this trough and as it spins to our west, the temperatures will moderate somewhat.  As it passes through the region tonight and tomorrow (Wednesday), we’ll see scattered showers.  As for snow, yes, there is a possibility of a few flakes, but they will be confined to way up high.  You can see a few flakes possible for the top of snowbird as per the NOAA grid point forecast:


Probably not going to accumulate, but you never know…

The Uinta Mountains, which are higher in elevation and benefit more from the southwesterly flow we’ll see over the next 36 hours, stand a better chance to see snowfall.  Here is the same forecast for the Uintas:


A better chance for some of that snowfall to accumulate in spots if we get some heavier cells/bands of precipitation.  If you’re in the Uintas and see some snow over the next couple days, be sure to send us some pics.

By this weekend, we should clear out and warm back up again.  Nowhere near where we were this past weekend, but still warm.  Fall is a season where we typically see ups and downs in temperature with chances for snow followed quickly by warmth.  Overall, very typical weather.  I would expect more significant chances for snow to show up in the forecast as September rolls over to October…


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