Summer Suffering Continues

Thursday, July 14, 2016 at 8:34 am

Thursday, July 14:

It’s no surprise that summer so far has been hot and dry.  But unfortunately, it is drier than normal and much hotter.  If you felt like June was warmer than usual, you were correct.  SLC was, in fact, almost 8F warmer than normal — an astounding statistic.  This equals June 2015 as the hottest June on record.  Most locations in Northern Utah also saw below normal precipitation.  The verdant hills of April and May were quickly replaced by the more familiar brown colors of dried vegetation.

So far, July has been more typical temperature-wise.  Mostly thanks to one strong cold front that cooled us off dramatically earlier this week.  Some mountain locations dropped below freezing at night and high temps in SLC were only in the low 70s on Monday.  The Tetons and mountains of Montana even saw a few inches of snowfall in some locales.  The reprieve was short-lived, and we have quickly rebounded to more typical summer temps.

Often, this summer heat is made more bearable by monsoonal moisture surges that offer afternoon thunderstorms that can quickly cool us off.  Unfortunately, we have yet to see a significant monsoonal moisture surge.  Looking ahead, it looks like we’ll stay dry through this weekend but there are some indications that monsoonal moisture will creep into the region mid to late next week.  So perhaps we will get our shot at some rain and cooler temps.

As for the winter outlook, not much we can say…  La Nina is a strong possibility but it looks like it will most likely be a weak event.  Not even worth speculating at this point.  The good news is that we are almost to the pinnacle of the summer’s hottest daily average temperatures.  The days are already getting shorter and it won’t be long before we start gradually cooling off and heading back toward winter.


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