Not Done Yet

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 7:23 am


A bit of wrap around energy is bringing clouds and a few very light high elevation snow showers to the region today (Tuesday).  Aside from that, high pressure is in control with mostly calm conditions likely over the next few days.  Active weather returns for the weekend with high elevation snow showers likely.  Active weather likely to see us out through the rest of April.


Snowbird is the last one standing.  Alta will re-open next weekend for its last last few days.  Tram cables come down later this month which means Little Cloud and Mineral will be the only open areas of Snowbird.  If you’re thinking the season’s just about done, you might want to think again.

After relatively calm weather this week, active weather will return for the weekend with snow showers likely in the high elevations.  Accumulations don’t look major, but several inches are certainly possible.  More active weather is likely to continue into next week.  Too far out for details, but it looks like we’ll have a few more chances for pow before the season’s a complete wrap.


I’ve been getting a few questions already about La Nina for next year.  A bit hasty!  La Nina’s can follow El Nino’s, it’s true.  But right now we are still in a Nino state, which is the exact opposite of La Nina.  Even if we do flip to La Nina, I can’t emphasize enough that ENSO doesn’t have much correlation in Utah.  So it’s extremely early to be speculating on hypotheticals of what might occur with something that doesn’t really influence us much in the first place…

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