Friday, April 15, 2016 at 6:55 am


7-8″ of very dense snow reported at ski areas. Snow showers will continue today above 6,500 feet with rain in the valleys at times.  Clearing as we head thru the weekend.


Yesterday we got slammed during the midday hours in the Central Wasatch.   Since early Wednesday, Alta-Collins has picked up a healthy 1.7″ of liquid.  1.23″ of this fell between 10am and 3pm yesterday.  This equated to just 8″ of snow, so we know it is very very dense up there.  Yesterday during a clearing in the weather in the evening I looked at the Snowbird webcams.  Little Cloud Bowl snow texture looks interesting, to say the least:


If you look closely at the image above, you can see the sinewy snow that almost looks rain-runneled.  The dense snow has had most of the night to settle, and when dense snow settles, it becomes even more interesting.  Maybe the snow will be nice a creamy and smooth.  Or maybe it will partially frozen and terrible.  I’ve seen it go both ways.

Snow showers will continue at times today with snow levels rebounding a bit up to 6,500 feet or so.  Most accumulation will be confined to the highest elevations.

Many more ski resorts closing this weekend.  This is probably our last gasp at lift serviced “powder” for many of us.  Enjoy!


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4 thoughts on “Refunded

  1. Jer

    Wow, LCC delivers again. Little Cloud felt like it was easily over 12″. Snow wasn’t dense at all. Mineral Basin was still closed by the time I left, so hopefully we can get a second round of tax refunds tomorrow.

    1. Peter

      hi mr forecaster I know this is a big call but with the lanina I am thinking where I should go got stung last few seasons at Utah I was wondering if you think vale might be better this year 2016 2017 than Utah or ps what will whistler be like appreciate and respect your comments as always

  2. Tom Bennett

    I second that. First hour and a half was glorious. Cirque opened up around 10:30 and I think mineral-based open around 11:30. but the crowds were light and there was goodness to be had everywhere. It’s still snowing as I leave at 12:30, so tomorrow should be fun as well.

    So Evan, I did go and I did get the fat boards out. It was a blast. Thanks for your forecast.

  3. utahpete

    Interesting. The powder at Snowbasin yesterday was as light and fluffy as I’ve seen all year. Much better quality than I expected.

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