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Thursday Afternoon update:

I don’t think it’s going to be worth it tomorrow. Better stay home and/or go to work.




A complex storm is making its way into Northern Utah today (Wednesday).  Showers are likely at times into the weekend.  Snow levels will be high today, lower tomorrow, then could rise up a bit again on Friday.

Very hard to pin down the details, but it looks like there will be three sectors to this storm.  The first will be today (Wednesday) with warm showers and high snow levels in a SW flow.  Definitely a possibility for a couple rumbles of thunder.  Probably not the best day for skiing with rain possible up to 9000 feet.  The second part of this storm will move in late tonight thru tomorrow as the low pressure system drops thru the region.  This will usher in cold air and a NW flow that will favor the Wasatch Front.  Snow levels will lower to 6000 feet and could drop as low as benches in heavier showers tomorrow.  The third and final piece of this system will be Friday into Friday night as the low positions itself near the four corners.  This will allow for wrap-around precipitation and an easterly flow over the area.  Could get highest amounts on the Wasatch Back.  The temperatures will moderate, so snow levels could rise again above 7k feet.

I’m leaving the accumulations up to the whim of the IRS to determine what our tax refunds will be this year.  Not even going to venture a guess.  But I will say this storm does have potential to bring a good amount of liquid to the region.  Elevation is your friend this time of year.  Keep an eye on radar and webcams over the next few days and if you see it’s snowing a lot, then perhaps you should consider a trip into the mountains for a Spring powder day.


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12 thoughts on “Complexities

  1. Jer

    It looks like Thursday-Saturday snow accumulations could be epic. Any guesses on which day would be best?

    1. Tom Bennett

      Jer: from this and the NOAA forecast I’d say Friday for Storm Skiing and fewer crowds and Saturday for partial Bluebird with more of a powder panic.

      What’s interesting is that NOAA’s Snowbird forecast (usually notoriously low) has jacked their numbers up to:

      3-5 Thursday
      9-13 Friday day
      6-10 Friday night

      So you can’t really go wrong. Having said that, it’s an unusual storm that shifts directions multiple times and then centers out of an unusual direction for at least half. So I would say expect the unexpected, and you might have to venture into new spots to get the deeps.

  2. Scot Chipman

    I see some big numbers forecasted by the National Weather Service for the Cottonwoods, I’m thinking 8-14″ for Alta/Snowbird/Solitude with 14-18″ Brighton. When a trough of low pressure cuts off from the main flow like this storm the 700 mph flow is not ideal for snow in the Cottonwoods as it turns more N-NE, great flow for the north slope of the Uinta Mountains which may see 30″+ in places. Attached is the WRF model forecasted snow through 6pm Saturday with more snow after that for the north slope of the Uinta Mountains!

    1. Hugh Jass

      This morning NWS was predicting 8-12″ Friday and 5-9″ Friday night for the cottonwoods and now(4:15pm) a skunk-tastic 1-2″ Friday and little or no Friday night… Then again they’re issuing a winter storm warning for the Unitas, but also barely no accumulation…

      Someone please tell me this some kind of glitch or super-belated April fools joke…

      1. Tom Bennett

        Something about this does not seem right. I’m calling it a glitch for now…it happens.

        1. Andre

          damn, looks like the precip is going to hit other areas instead. what a bummer after that initial forecast.

  3. Tom Bennett

    I consider myself but an eternal optimist, but even I’m giving up on the storm. Might be good for some accumulation but no chance to bring out the big sticks…

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