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Wednesday, April 6, 2016 at 9:38 am


Moisture will return this weekend to Utah with showers likely by late Saturday.  Snow levels will remain high.  Additional moisture is possible for later next week with cooler temps and lower snow levels.


Beautiful Spring weather will continue thru Friday.  On Saturday, a low pressure system of the SoCal coast will pull copious moisture into the region.  Showers will be likely across the state.  Not much in the way of cold air, so snow levels should remain high — at or above 8,000 feet thru the weekend.  Even if we get some snowfall, it will likely be extremely dense.  Still… any additional moisture is good for our water supply as we head toward summer.

Perhaps more interesting is what happens later next week.  Both the GFS and Euro have another system pushing in off the pacific and once again tapping into moisture from the south.  This system may have colder air with it so we could see more substantial accumulations in the high elevations.  This is still in the 7-10 day range, so details are vague and all of this is speculative, but we could have another year of “tax refunds”.

CPC 8-14 day forecast reflects this active pattern continuing:


Stay tuned over the next week to see how this pattern evolves.  Don’t put your powder skis away just yet…


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  1. Tom Bennett

    Evan: Same question as Faceplant…is this looking like end of week better? I’m not saying I’m planning my business travel around the timing or anything. Well, actually I’m saying that exactly.

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