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Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at 7:36 am


One to two feet of new snow reported at most Utah resorts in the past 24 hours.  Fresh powder abounds.  Snow showers continue thru Wednesday.


You should either be skiing/riding right now, or working and pretending it didn’t snow at all.  You should not be torturing yourself by reading this.  It’s bad enough that I have to torture myself by writing it.  I’m missing only my second powder day of the season and it’s still painful.

All major resorts have seen 8-20″ of snow since Sunday night.  Storm has performed admirably, despite the reservations I shared yesterday.  It’s a complicated storm, and certainly not your typical Wasatch snow storm, but it seems the abundance of moisture and slow movement have made up for any other complications.  Snow showers will continue thru Wednesday.  Additional accumulations will vary greatly.  Localized areas could see another 6-12″ while other areas could get hardly any additional accumulations.

The nice thing about this storm is that it didn’t discriminate.  Everybody from Brian Head up to the Idaho border got at least halfway decent accumulations.  Park City really did well, with as much or more than the Cottonwoods in spots.  Here is a look at Empire Lodge at Deer Valley today:


And they Park City snowstakes this morning:



Great storm for the Wasatch and it’s not over yet…  I’m still down with the black lung.  Clearly I’m happy to celebrate with you all that it’s a powder day… Not bitter at all…




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10 thoughts on “…the middle…

  1. Faceplant

    Skiing isn’t likely to make the black lung worse is it? 3 slow runs are better than a vaporizer and neti pot any day.

    1. Wasatch Snow Forecast

      Normally, nothing helps me feel better quite like some crisp mountain air. But I think I’d break down in a coughing fit just trying to walk from my car to the lift if I tried it today. Not to worry, I’ll be back to normal soon enough.

      I’ve had 35 days with 6″ or more of fresh snow this season, don’t feel too bad for me…

      1. Faceplant

        Ha – I count double digit days. Has to be 10+ in 24 hours to count. I think today was 23.

  2. AudioHTIT

    Thanks for the great reports all season, WSF is the place to go for snow. Get well soon!

  3. Andrew Pagel

    Okay, so I am having a uncle Dan moment myself! I live in Draper, UT and ride Park City every weekend. But I am currently in California this week for work BOOOOOO! and I need to know, do you think the snow quality will hold till this Saturday from the storm? Or will it all melt by then and be slush?

      1. Matt Wells

        Any thoughts on Thursday morning? (of course this happens when out of town Monday-Wednesday)

  4. Mike R

    Park City was incredible today. In some spots there was well more than 12″ of fresh powder, probably more like 16-18″. But pretty much 12″ minimum on most upper runs. What a day!

  5. Erock

    Pow mow disappointing. Super heavy wet snow. I feel bad for people from California. Took a few runs then decided to drive back to LCC for a fun afternoon.

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